Safety Alert: Vape Pens and Drugs


By now, most people are aware of the dangers of vape pens. But, did you know that a concerning number of teens are using vape pens to vape marijuana and marijuana concentrates? While the majority of teens are vaping nicotine, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found that 12.4% of eighth-graders, 10.8% of tenth-graders, and 13.1% of twelfth-graders have vaped marijuana. Marijuana wax and concentrates can be hard to detect and carry very little odor so it can be hard to tell if a student is vaping marijuana, especially if they are using a high quality vape pen.

How can you tell what type of product is being used in a vape pen? Campus Safety Magazine suggests:

  1. First, open the pen. Inside the pen, the packed or used residue of the product will be inside one of these areas: a raised wick surrounded by a coil, a flat coil, or just a cylinder.
  2. Wax inside of a vape pen can generally be tested with law enforcement kits. If the pen has been smoked recently, there could be the odor of smoked marijuana coming from inside the pen.
  3. A closed pen with wax on the inside will produce very little to no smell. If you choose to open the pen, it is recommended to wear gloves as you don't know what exactly is in the pen.

As vaping becomes more popular, it's important to stay up-to-date on this dangerous trend and to make sure your students understand all the risks and consequences that increase when vaping or using an e-cigarette.

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How SafeSchools Can Help

The SafeSchools Online Training System includes a variety of expert-authored courses dedicated to helping you address the use of e-cigarettes, and other drugs, with your staff and students:

We also offer our SafeSchools Alert Tip Reporting System that allows students, staff, and parents to confidentially report safety concerns, including the use of alcohol, e-cigarettes, or other drugs, to your administration 24/7/365 via mobile app, text, phone, email, and website.

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