Prevention Podcast, Episode 03: First Observer Plus Program Exec Don L. Rondeau

Prevention Podcast, Episode 03: First Observer Plus Program Exec Don L. Rondeau

For this week's episode of The Prevention Podcast, we sit down with Don L. Rondeau, the Program Executive for the TSA First Observer Plus antiterrorism awareness and training program.

The First Observer Plus™ Program provides transportation professionals with the knowledge needed to recognize suspicious activity possibly related to terrorism, guidance in assessing what they see, and a method for reporting those observations. The program has trained more than 1 million transportation professionals on how to observe, assess and report suspicious activity that could be related to terrorist operations and planning.

Don L. Rondeau and First Observer Plus At-A-Glance

Don is a two-time director of the pioneering DHS/TSA, anti-terrorism Highway Information Sharing Analysis Center. Rondeau played a key role in sharing and analysis of open source information and intelligence during significant events to include Hurricane Katrina, the July 5th, 2005 London bombings and multiple other events. Former DHS Under Secretary of Infrastructure Protection, Robert Stephan praised Rondeau for his “tremendous leadership during his tenure as Director of the TSA/DHS directed ISAC.”

During his service to the nation, Rondeau has been credited with identifying multiple persons and situations deemed a danger to the United States. The IACSP named Rondeau the 2004-2005 Homeland Security Executive of the Year. As a result of his work, Don is often referred to as one of our nation’s most credible information sharing and analysis innovators. Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, cited Mr. Rondeau’s “commitment to protecting America” and stated that Rondeau played a “critical role in mitigating and preventing terrorist attacks.”

Don also served as Senior Project Executive for the TSA First Observer Program, the DHS Center of Excellence case studies on Hurricane Katrina and the DC-area Sniper attacks, United States Special Forces Command Psyops efforts and overseas security operations in Africa. Don has led the conduct of security surveys, risk assessments and internal investigations across all sectors and modes with emphasis on the transportation sector.

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