TargetSolutions Announces New TargetSolutions Academy, Featuring Special Webinar Series Built to Help Platform Managers Become More Proficient with Online System

The Academy will feature a special six-week webinar series, which opens for registration in early January and continues TargetSolutions’ ongoing effort to bring innovative education to clients.
“We’re thrilled to roll this out in Q1 of 2014,” said Kelly Zielinski, who is TargetSolutions Strategic Risk Management Business Unit Manager. “The TargetSolutions Academy is going to include an engaging webinar series that will help platform managers improve their skills while navigating the platform.”
On Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014, TargetSolutions will host the first of six webinars built to help platform managers become more proficient operating the system. The series is aimed at training administrators and supervisors, who are responsible for managing their organization’s day-to-day utilization, about the platform’s basic functionality.
After completing the six-week series, clients will receive a certificate of completion. Zielinski said she is confident clients will be able to effectively run the basics at that point.
“Participants will learn tips and tricks to simplify primary utilization of the platform,” Zielinski said. “Our goal at completion is effective, independent operation of the platform. Of course, our account management team will continue to be a support, should clients need it.”
Here is a brief outline of the six webinars that will be held during the first TS Academy:
1. Managing Your Users (Jan. 30, 2014): This webinar will cover adding users, modifying user profiles, creating supervisors, defining categories, modifying organizational profiles, etc.
2. Managing Resources and Activities (Feb. 6, 2014): This webinar will cover the File Center, customizing TargetSolutions’ online training courses, creating custom activities, etc.
3. Managing Credentials (Feb. 13, 2014): This webinar will cover how to create new credentials, who credentials are for, and why they are used.
4. Managing Assignments (Feb. 20, 2014): This webinar will cover how to create, validate, record, delete, merge, renew and auto-renew various types of assignments delivered through TargetSolutions.
5. Managing Your Training Strategy (Feb. 27, 2014): This webinar will cover best practices for planning your organization’s training, building learning-track templates, handling employee turnover, etc.
6. Managing Reports (March 6, 2014): This webinar will cover the capabilities of TargetSolutions’ powerful Generate Reports application; giving platform managers more information on how to run various reports, including completions, incomplete assignments, credentials, etc.
Please click here to register for this special webinar series.

TargetSolutions will continue to host regular webinars for platform beginners as the Academy is designed for administrators and supervisors who have already completed their introductory training. If your organization is just getting started – or you need a basic refresher – please e-mail TargetSolutions to find out when you can join an upcoming weekly webinar.
Advanced administrators and supervisors will be excited to learn TargetSolutions is planning to implement more innovative webinars in 2014 to cover more in-depth topics. These webinars will focus on applying TargetSolutions’ powerful applications to industry-specific training requirements and operational procedures.
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