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    May 9, 2023

    Vector Solutions Launches Legislation Tool To Help Law Enforcement Agencies Keep Up With Rapidly Changing Policies


    Law Enforcement


    Law Enforcement

    Vector Solutions’ interactive tool provides curated information on recently passed legislation that impacts officer training, reporting, early warning systems, use-of-force measures, and operations of law enforcement agencies

    Today, Vector Solutions, the leading provider of impactful technology solutions dedicated to driving safer, smarter, better decision-making in the world’s most critical industries, announced the launch of its Law Enforcement Legislation Tool. This new interactive tool collates certain law enforcement legislation by state from the past few years in one, interactive map. It provides curated information on recently passed legislation to help law enforcement leaders stay in the know on emergent regulations and offers email alerts to stay up-to-date.

    The last several years have seen radical change in the expectations and scrutiny placed on law enforcement agencies, resulting in a flood of relevant legislation. These laws cover everything from reformation efforts like updating training mandates, use of force tracking, early intervention systems, and data transparency standards to uplevel officer training and create more transparency between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. With the scope of legislation varying widely from state to state, keeping up with and adjusting to so much change in such a short period of time has proven to be a challenge for law enforcement agencies around the country. Adapting current practices and implementing new systems to fulfill requirements is a top priority for law enforcement agencies, as seen in the recent Early Intervention System mandate by the state of Utah.

    To better address and comply with the ever-evolving legislation, the Vector Solutions Law Enforcement Legislation Tool provides information on recently passed legislation that impacts officer training, data transparency, peer reporting, early intervention systems, use-of-force measures, investigations, and more. By clicking on individual states, users are given a consolidated and comprehensive look at the most recently passed legislation and updates across the U.S.

    “Legislation is complex. Keeping tabs on what’s happening in your state and how it will affect your department can be overwhelming and confusing,” said Doug Kazensky, former police training sergeant, officer of 23+ years and Solutions Engineer at Vector Solutions. “Law enforcement leaders currently have no single source of truth to learn about new policies that may impact their agency, or when relevant regulations take effect. The Law Enforcement Legislation Tool is a resource leaders can keep referring to as policies are added and updated.”

    As legislation continues to pass across the U.S., the Law Enforcement Legislation Tool is designed to keep the law enforcement community up-to-date with recently passed legislation in specified categories. Law enforcement leaders are able to access this information on one, interactive map in order to know what legislation has been approved. The tool also provides the link to each piece of legislation for further reading.

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    Vector Solutions for Law Enforcement is the industry leader in operational readiness technology that enables Law Enforcement Departments, Academies, and POST organizations to meet their demanding training, compliance, and preparedness objectives. The Vector Solutions public safety suite of products includes software for training management, policy distribution, personnel scheduling, equipment management, early intervention, and promoting a positive and transparent agency culture. Its accredited online course library includes IADLEST NCP-certified courses approved for POST annual training requirements. Trusted by 10,000 public safety agencies and 2 million first responders, Vector’s purpose-built technology covers the full lifecycle of personnel management, from hire-to-retire, because readiness saves lives. For more information about Vector Solutions for Law Enforcement, visit

    Vector Solutions is the leading provider of impactful technology solutions dedicated to driving safer, smarter, better decision-making in the world’s most critical industries. Embedded into daily workflows to drive improvements in compliance, safety, performance, and preparedness, our software includes training management, industry-focused online course libraries, EHS management, workforce scheduling, risk communication, operational readiness, and more. Vector’s unique combination of information and technology – delivered when and where it is needed – is integral to our more than 34 thousand clients looking to achieve better outcomes and safeguard lives. Vector is committed to providing resources to support those who need them most and launched a collection of free courses on critical mental health and safety topics through Vector Cares. For more information, visit For access to free Vector Cares courses visit