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    October 26, 2021

    Vector Solutions Offers Complimentary Firefighter Cancer Awareness Training to Benefit American Cancer Society and Firefighter Cancer Support Network




    Vector Cares

    TAMPA, FL – October 26, 2021 – Vector Solutions, industry leader of training, operational, and workforce management software solutions for public safety agencies, is offering complimentary access to one of its most critical online training courses for the fire service, NFPA 1851 – Cancer-Related Risks of Firefighting. Vector will donate $1 for every course completed before January 31, 2022, to the American Cancer Society and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, up to $5,000 to each organization.

    In accordance with the NFPA standard on the Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, the NFPA 1851 – Cancer-Related Risks of Firefighting training course addresses fire-service-related cancer risks for today’s firefighters and fire personnel. Cancer is a leading cause of death among firefighters. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reported firefighters face a 9 percent increase in cancer diagnoses and a 14 percent increase in cancer-related deaths compared to the general population. With every course completion of this online course, Vector Solutions will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. 

    “Firefighters and all first responders put their health and safety on the line with every shift they work,” said Alex Berry, Chief Revenue Officer of Vector Solutions and member of the American Cancer Society’s Greater DC/Baltimore Area Advisory Board. “The potentially devastating impact that heightened occupational risks in public safety have on emergency responders, both mentally and physically, has become better understood in the last few years. Vector Solutions remains steadfast in our commitment to support and educate first responders about these risks and how they can be mitigated. We are grateful for our partnership with the American Cancer Society and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network on these special programs.”

    “We are very grateful to Vector Solutions for creating this educational campaign that also generously supports the American Cancer Society mission for the third year in a row,” said Tswana Sewell, Executive Director for the American Cancer Society. “Occupational cancer risk is a very important topic. We appreciate the firefighters and first responders who put their lives on the line daily for the community and are out there serving with the additional risks still posed by COVID-19. We are honored to be the recipient of funds raised through this important, free course that Vector Solutions is offering to enhance the safety and wellness of emergency first responders and lower their cancer risk.”

    “Cancer is the leading cause of death for firefighters. The vision of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) is to be the global leader in firefighter cancer support, awareness and education. With the assistance of supporters like Vector Solutions and LifeScan Wellness, we can make a positive difference in the lives of firefighters and save lives,” said Bryan Frieders, President,  FCSN.

    Vector Solutions has partnered with Life Scan Wellness Centers, the nation’s number one provider of public safety physicals, to deliver timely and relevant webinars, such as Occupational Cancer, Risk Reduction & Enhanced Early Detection and The Long-Term Consequences of COVID-19 for First Responders. During these powerful virtual events, Chief Todd LeDuc (Ret), who serves as the Centers’ chief strategy officer, shared his knowledge and experience on these pertinent topics impacting the fire service.

    “Life Scan Wellness Centers, as the nation’s largest providers of first responder early detection physicals, is once again honored to partner with Vector Solutions on enhancing awareness, prevention and early detection of occupational cancer in first responders. It aligns perfectly with our mission of saving the lives of America’s first responders. Far too many first responders are lost each year and many more have their lives dramatically turned upside down for them and their loved ones due to occupational cancer, continuing to work together is a unified opportunity to enhance awareness and the recognition that prevention is paramount and early detection saves lives,” said Chief Todd J. LeDuc, (Ret) Chief Strategy Officer and also IAFC Safety, Health & Survival Section Board Member

    Click here for more information on this complimentary course or contact us at (800) 840-8046.

    Additional complimentary video resources, including a COVID-19 series and micro-courses on PTSD in the fire industry, active shooter training, diversity and inclusion, and more, are available through Vector Cares, a Vector Solutions’ initiative combining business and philanthropic efforts to provide educational resources and help improve outcomes.

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