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February 11, 2021 4 min read

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Accessible Online Training for Casinos

Avi Resort & Casino implemented online training with CELEXA, a Casino Essentials Learning Management System (LMS), in 2017. Their current training consists of AML courses, leadership courses, Coronavirus safety training, custom property-specific courses and more. The HR department uses CELEXA to train, track and report their annual training for all departments. With the user-friendly functions of CELEXA, the HR team uses the LMS on a regular basis to help ensure completion of required training to maintain compliance.

About Avi Resort & Casino

Avi Resort & Casino is a stunning hotel and casino located near the southern tip of Nevada on the banks of the Colorado River in Laughlin, Nevada next to Bullhead City, AZ. Situated in the Tri-State area encompassing AZ, CA and NV, the casino is owned and operated by the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe. The Casino gaming floor is 25,000 square feet and hosts 300 employees.

Unique Training Needs Required an Online Solution

The HR team is led by their fearless leader, Sandy Bartlett, CHC/CLC, Director of Human Resources. Sandy coordinates the training with her four HR team members, including the Tribal Training Program Manager that handles the input and monitoring of CELEXA online learning. Their vision to implement a robust training program included training for all departments to meet their annual compliance requirements, to offer employees a roadmap for professional development, and to train on property-specific policies and procedures.

With the 24/7 gaming work environment, she knew that she would need a training solution that allowed the flexibility required for her team to train at their convenience. So, Sandy selected Casino Essentials because it offered an easy-to-use interface and the ability to customize their online training. Sandy said a key benefit of Casino Essentials online training is, “the team members can do the training when it’s convenient for them and the software removes the burden of us having to manually schedule it all the time.”

User-Friendly LMS to Simplify Employee Training

The CELEXA LMS allows for training to be completely customized. Since training is not a one-size-fits all program, Sandy utilizes the training matrix to assign training by department and position so that employees are assigned training relevant to their position.

Avi Resort & Casino ensures better compliance and saves administrative time with the CELEXA customizable and automated reporting functionality. “With our weekly reports, we are able to see who has completed their training and who still needs to take courses so that supervisors can follow up as appropriate” explained Sandy. “We have set up a weekly overdue training report that gets forwarded to our directors so they are always up to date on their respective team’s training progress.” The HR team is getting better information for their exact needs and keeping their employees on track with their training. With the flexibility available in the LMS system, Avi Resort & Casino can honor each department’s own needs while verifying that important training requirements are met.

With Casino Essentials’ extensive course catalog, Sandy is able to select training from industry-standard courses designed by subject matter experts, which saves a lot of time without having to reinvent the wheel. Furthermore, Avi Resort & Casino can create a leadership training roadmap to invest in professional development for their team. “We have certain courses required for leadership positions. Anyone wanting to move up has the opportunity to take these leadership courses as preparation for their next career advancement. We also use these as part of our Tribal Training program.”

Keeping Employees and Customers Safe with COVID-19 Safety Courses

In addition to the online training courses offering self-paced learning, it’s also a great option for distance learning. Casino Essentials offered a complimentary six-part Coronavirus series for all their clients. Avi Resort & Casino used the series as refresher employee training prior to re-opening and required every employee to take the course series.”

Customer Support & Collaboration Available

In Sandy’s 30+ years of experience with education in employee relations, benefits and risk management, she understands the importance of communication, collaboration and support. Sandy reflects on working with the Support Team-“It is always a joy to work with the Casino Essentials support team. They are very responsive and great to offer alternatives if what we are asking is not quite doable. Love working with them!”

“The team members can do the training when it’s convenient for them and the software removes the burden of us having to manually schedule it all the time.”

Sandy Barlett

CHC/CLC, Director of Human Resources

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