Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Saves Money With Vector Solutions

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Saves Money With Vector Solutions

The Challenge

Douglas County has a population of 118,000 with 475 sq miles of land and water in the northeast corner of Kansas. To provide services to the community, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office employs 90 commissioned personnel.

Before choosing Vector Solutions, the agency was utilizing a paper system to keep track of training records and for inventory management.  

“We had manilla folders and file cabinets and it was hit or miss if something was recorded,” said Officer Kyle Appleby.


The Choice

During the period when the agency was still utilizing their paper system, an attorney made a request for a specific employee’s records. “It was a disaster and this had to stop,” Appleby said.

Following the implementation of Vector LMS in 2019, the agency added Vector Evaluations+ and Vector Check It the following year.


"The small cost of having Vector Solutions is nothing compared to the cost of a lawsuit because of missing records."

— Officer Kyle Appleby, Training Coordinator


The Change

Since selecting Vector Solutions, the agency has experienced:

  • A reduction in time spent on training-related recordkeeping
  • Savings on equipment-related spending
  • Less time spent on inventory management

“We had far more equipment expenses in 2019,” Officer Appleby said. “In 2021 alone, we decreased expenses by 40% in new and replacement equipment.”


Dept. Profile

  • Approx. 90 commissioned employees
  • 118,000 population
  • 475 mi² coverage
  • Vector LMS 2019, Evaluations+ 2020, Check It 2020


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