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November 17, 2022 2 min read

DuPont Job-Skills Training Builds Confidence and Competence


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The Challenge

Build skills and knowledge to compensate for retirements of experienced staff

When Adrian Melaugh was named Area Manager for the DuPont plant in Maydown, Northern Ireland, he brought with him 33 years of experience in maintenance and supervisory roles. The 20-person leadership team at Maydown had just completed a thorough assessment of their training program, which was now Melaugh’s responsibility.

Based on the assessment, he began research to learn more about their existing training materials and training approach.

Melaugh knew the Dupont Maydown site didn’t have the resources to create a complete custom training program. In addition, engineering certification training and available professional trade association courses focused on theory and weren’t easily applicable to the plant’s unique operations.

“Our training material was primarily written procedures. We didn’t give them fundamental knowledge or experience around pumps, components, filters and how they worked.”

Adrian Melaugh

Area Manager

The Choice

Implement eLearning for fundamental to advanced skills development

Melaugh learned about Vector Solutions from DuPont corporate Learning and Capabilities Lead. He knew several other DuPont sites were already training engineers, operators, and maintenance technicians with Vector Solutions comprehensive Industrial Maintenance courses integrated into iLearn, DuPont’s proprietary learning management system.

He evaluated courses and was impressed with the informative visuals, especially in courses on operations and maintenance of pumps, valves, and process systems. He also liked questions that run throughout the courses to help learners identify fundamental knowledge gaps and improve engagement.

Melaugh moved forward with a structured 80-90 course online training program, with, he admits, some trepidation. “Even with 33 years experience at this plant, I had some apprehension about pushing a significant new initiative.

DuPont Job-Skills Training Builds Confidence and Competence – Vector Solutions

The Change

Achieved consistent skills development plant-wide, with minimal downtime for training

Feedback Melaugh received soon after the launch confirmed that he was taking the organization in the right direction.

Today Melaugh counts on Vector Solutions eLearning Courses to teach a core level of consistent knowledge. “It’s difficult to train someone how to maintain a pump when you can’t look inside one to see how it operates.”

Pairing eLearning with on-the-job coaching allows supervisors to assess skill levels and build confidence in individual talents. He adds that repeating select Vector Solutions courses is part of the plant’s triennial refresher training, which takes technicians back to fundamentals to ensure consistent understanding of operations and safety.

“This is progressive training that builds on the basic knowledge that I have.”

“Visual images and interactive questioning throughout keep you engaged.”

“You think you know what a pump is until you see what’s happening internally and see the detail of each component’s function explained.”

“You don’t know what you don’t know until you do these courses.”

DuPont Operators and Technicians