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May 21, 2021 3 min read

Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprises| Client Success Story




Online TrainingVector LMS and Training Management

“Not only is the casino gaming industry highly regulated, but we are required by Navajo law to provide specific training and report completion status on a moment’s notice. Vector Solutions’ online AML courses and Vector LMS for Casinos solved all of these issues for us.”

Pamela Dokis

Director of Training at Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise

About Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprises

Navajo Gaming operates four casinos – Fire Rock Casino, Flowing Water Casino, Northern Edge Casino, Twin Arrows Casino. Prior to implementing Vector LMS for Casinos, the separate training departments were tasked to administer and manage instructor-led training in-person across all properties. This led to inconsistencies and made for a labor-intensive process for tracking the required annual training for 1,000+ employees.

Navajo Gaming sought out Vector Solutions to simplify and implement new training requirements to create a seamless learning management system customized to their unique needs in 2018 with Vector LMS for Casinos (formerly CELEXA, a Casino Essentials brand). Navajo Gaming is currently training over 60 online courses, including: Title 31 courses, Leadership Program courses, General Safety Program courses, COVID-19 Safety courses, Cage & Credit Operations Program courses, HR Compliance Program courses, their own custom content and more! In addition to the online courses, Navajo Nation utilizes the classroom management function where they monitor and track over 50 classroom courses in the LMS. The HR & Training Department trusts Vector LMS for Casinos to train, track and report the required training to ensure compliance and recognition for employees’ completion for performance evaluations.

Transitioning from Classroom Training to Online Learning

Prior to implementing Vector LMS for Casinos, the training departments managed annual training with classroom led instructions and proctored exams. Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprises (NNGE) employed different requirements across properties. Dokis said, “Several years ago, our properties operated as independent entities and there were inconsistencies in all aspects of operations, department policies, and SOP’s.” This led to a lot of inconsistencies which resulted in the need for standardization across the enterprise.

Creating Cohesion for Training Processes Across Multiple Properties

Vector LMS for Casinos created cohesion and enabled NNGE to set the same requirements and expectations for training across the enterprise. Dokis said, “As part of our succession planning, consistent training across the enterprise simplifies and expedites the learning curve for employees relocating to another property as a result of promotions or transfers.”

The training matrices in Vector LMS for Casinos allows for administrators to require employees to complete courses specific to their job titles, departures and properties. Dokis said, “Having the same training requirements at all locations allows any trainer to answer questions about training requirements.” These training requirements for each position can be changed in bulk with just a few clicks. This process saves a lot of time and ensures consistency that their 1,000+ employees are getting the correct level of training. Once the training matrices are created, the required training is automatically populated in the employee’s dashboard to train and the administrators can create customized reports to ensure training is completed.

Investing in Employee Professional Development and Track Course Completions for Performance Evaluations

For all training departments, it’s crucial for the training to be reported accurately at the end of the training cycle. Dokis said, “The reporting feature is extremely important to us. Because mandated training is tied to performance evaluation ratings and annual wage/salary increases.

“The HR Department determines the minimum training requirements for the enterprise to ensure all employees have the same base knowledge as well as provided the opportunity to prepare for “next level” positions for professional development growth.”

Requiring Completion of COVID-19 Safety Courses to Keep Everyone Safe

The HR Department required their employees to complete Vector Solutions COVID-19 Safety courses prior to returning to work in the pandemic environment. Dokis said, “These courses are also now part of our New Hire requirements and must be completed along with other training prior to their release to their departments.”

The HR Department also took advantage of the customized training features in Vector LMS for Casinos to convert classroom training PowerPoints to online training. Dokis said, “We also converted our annual Sexual Harassment course to online for 2020.” This ensures employees are staying safe and socially distancing while completing the required training. In addition to the PowerPoint customized self-service feature, Vector LMS for Casinos allows administrators to create customized surveys, quizzes, and from acknowledgements.

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