Palmetto Goodwill Finds Easy EHS Management

Palmetto Goodwill Finds Easy EHS Management

Palmetto Goodwill has been serving the lower South Carolina region since 1979, with a mission to help people achieve their full potential through the dignity and power of work and employment.

If offers programs and services funded through the sale of donated goods and clothing in over 30 retail stores across the region. Through these programs, they were able to provide job training and employment services to over 44,000 people in lower South Carolina in 2017.

Vector Solutions worked with Palmetto Goodwill to configure the Vector EHS Management software to allow for easy management of their safety program across all retail stores and facilities.

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The Challenge

Having to mange both retail stores and employment training facilities, Palmetto Goodwill had developed a robust safety program comprised of separate moving parts. They decided to find software that would assist them in managing the pillars of their safety program.

The Solution

In conjunction with the Vector Solutions team, Palmetto Goodwill was able to configure the Vector EHS Management software to record various safety activities such as incident investigations and store inspections, all with in a single software.

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