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February 28, 2024

6 Vital Ways Early Intervention Supports Law Enforcement Officers 


Law Enforcement


Guardian Tracking

Many of the early warning systems on the market today offer the same basic functionality for behavior tracking, use-of-force tracking, and other hot topics. Early Intervention offers much more than that.

With 86% of first responders saying that they support their agency investing more money into early intervention programs (Vector Solutions survey, 2023), it’s a significant leadership opportunity to help agencies retain and support their officers.

In this special webinar presentation former law enforcement officers, Johnny Roberson and Adam Frederick, will discuss some facts and the importance of early intervention, and how our technology, Guardian Tracking, can help your agency boost morale, spot trends, and save careers.

We discussed how early intervention can help:

  • Champion mental and physical wellness and decrease burnout
  • Minimize misconduct-related liability with legally defensible records
  • Improve morale and retention by ensuring officers feel valued by their agency
  • Enhance performance reviews with a place to track ‘kudos’ and other non-skills based information
  • Save careers by identifying behaviors that may require intervention
  • Hold all levels of leadership accountable

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