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Getting Training Online Quickly

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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are looking to quickly convert training, especially classroom-style instructor-led training, to online formats or to increase their use of online training. In this webinar, we’ll give some tips for converting training to online formats well, quickly, and inexpensively while also creating effective, impactful learning activities that lead to desired learning outcomes.

During this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • Getting training online quickly
  • Evidence behind the effectiveness of online training
  • Technology & tools involved in online training
  • Tips for getting online training fast & well
  • Blended learning
  • Evidence-based training practices


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Jeffrey Dalto

Senior Learning & Performance Improvement Manager

Jeff Dalto is a workplace learning & performance improvement specialist with more than 20 years of professional experience working with companies implementing online training. He’s part of the ASSP Z490 committee and helped to write the recent Z490.2 US national standard for online EHS training. Jeff has assisted more than 50 companies in their efforts to implement online training at their organizations.

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