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March 24, 2022

Staff Shortages: Maintaining Comprehensive Coverage Amid COVID-19


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Learn How You Can Manage Staff Shortages and Other Scheduling Challenges Brought on by COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, fire departments are continuing to face numerous staffing challenges while also working to ensure these minimally impact their service to their communities. Personnel risk potential exposure to the virus with the possibility of being sent home to self-quarantine, state and local governments are enforcing vaccine mandates, and many are working overtime. Vector Scheduling, Vector Solutions’ best roster and shift scheduling software, is built for the fire service to help you automate and streamline scheduling tasks so you can effectively manage your personnel to meet the needs of your department, ensure coverage to continue to serve your community, and prevent burnout during these uniquely challenging times. 

Watch this webinar video to learn how Vector Scheduling can help your department maintain operational readiness with tools to:

  • Create shift assignments and manage schedules through the mobile app 
  • Set up specific work codes and automate callbacks for COVID related events and vaccine programs 
  • Track and manage overtime and various time-off types
  • Generate payroll reports for budgetary purposes to ensure compliance