Student Success 2.0:          The Well-Being Revolution

Webinar Details

Imagine a world where prospective students select a campus based not just on degree programs but on the holistic experience it provides; where college rankings incorporate safety, well-being, and inclusion; and where prevention drives academic performance, persistence, and career readiness. This is the world of higher education today, and the presenters will share revolutionary student success insights and innovative strategies for leveraging wellness to transform the future of student affairs and the communities we serve.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discuss the needs and expectations of today’s learners and the critical role of safety, well-being, and inclusion efforts on strategic student success outcomes.

  2. Apply research-based best practices and innovative new models to elevate the prioritization, visibility, and impact of well-being strategy.

  3. Demonstrate how to effectively lead up, down, and across in engaging and navigating change with key stakeholders inside and outside of student affairs.


Frank Shushok Jr., Vice President, Student Affairs, Virginia Tech

Rob Buelow, Senior Vice President, Impact, Vector Solutions


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