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December 2, 2021

Time-Saving Technology to Simplify Your Department’s Scheduling Management


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See How Vector Scheduling Helps Apex Fire Department Save Time with Automated Crew Scheduling

Employee scheduling is no easy task in the Fire industry. Making sure you have the right personnel with the right qualifications appropriately staffed while also preparing to handle the daily grind can cause massive headaches. Vector Solutions’ workforce management system, Vector Scheduling is a highly flexible workforce management solution built to streamline all aspects of your employee scheduling so you can effectively manage your personnel, maintain overtime compliance, and reduce grievances.

Watch this on-demand webinar presentation to gain insight on how Apex Fire Department has simplified their crew scheduling and streamlined processes through Vector Scheduling, including:

  • Build Schedules in a fraction of the time that it took with their pen, paper, and spreadsheet process.
  • Crews can check their schedules from the phone app and manage their shifts, time off, trades, and self schedule for open shifts.
  • Mass notifications and callbacks can be sent in a few clicks, and staff save hours running through phone trees.
  • Different views and color coding help supervisors quickly spot open shifts, needed roles, and required skill sets.
  • Supervisors can easily run employee and certification reports and export payroll data, as well as view call back requests, leave requests, and accruals.


“We were a pen / paper / spreadsheets shop before moving to Vector Scheduling. It was easy to set up and the callbacks and mobile app have been a game – changer.”

– Assistant Chief Jeff Maynard Apex Fire Department