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Well-designed, supportive, and well-implemented onboarding programs can help accelerate the integration of newly hired workers, ensure proper knowledge acquisition and skill development, help ensure compliance, and even aid in employee engagement, morale, and retention.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What onboarding is
  • Which employees should receive onboarding
  • The difference between orientation and onboarding
  • Four suggested phases of onboarding
  • Who facilitates onboarding and when 
  • How online training tools, including elearning courses and an LMS, can improve onboarding

We’ve even included an onboarding checklist for your use.

Of course, Vector Solutions offers learning management systems (LMS) and elearning courses to help employers in the manufacturing & industrial; architecture, engineering & construction (AEC); and facilities management industries with their onboarding programs and other needs as well. 

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