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Financing the Future of Higher Education

The challenges facing higher education require bold and innovative solutions. Today’s students are still making enrollment decisions based on costs and academic rigor, but they now are placing equal importance on how campuses address issues of safety, well-being, and inclusion.

New research from Vector Solutions and NACUBO shows that students who participate in prevention programming are 50-60% more likely to feel a sense of belonging on campus, and prevention quality is predictive of persistence. In this environment of budget tightening, it may be tempting to under-resource prevention efforts, but what are the unforeseen consequences of those cuts?


Download Our Budget Playbook to Learn:

  • The impact of prevention education across the student lifecycle
  • Prevention budget and staffing benchmarks across small, medium, large, and nationally-leading institutions
  • Insights and strategies for leveraging prevention resources to drive meaningful retention outcomes


Meet the Authors:

Rob Buelow | Senior Vice President of Higher Education & Impact, Vector Solutions

Jim Hundrieser | Vice President for Consulting and Business Development, NACUBO

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