Vector LiveSafe Connect

Connect is a collaboration platform purpose-built for security professionals to share information over a private and secure network.

Build a network of safety and security professionals you can come to rely on and learn from, with Vector LiveSafe Connect. Our collaboration platform enables security leaders to create and manage circles of trust with hand-selected peers and groups to share insights, increase situational awareness, and mitigate risks in real-time.




LiveSafe Single Collaboration Platform & Extended Networks of Trust
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Share Insights Securely

Invite contacts between and across organizations and meet security requirements with end-to-end encryption

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Increase Situational Awareness

Regularly interact with your peers to gain a better understanding of nearby security issues to watch


Prevent Risks in Real-Time

Make critical decisions in the moment with aggregated intelligence from security professionals in your community

LiveSafe Connect

Using Connect security leaders create and manage circles of trust with hand-selected peers to share insights and know about local and industry activity. Extending these circles of trust within geographies, industries, and/or affiliations generates a force-multiplier to expand risk intelligence at scale. Unlike text messaging, enterprise social networking applications, or other popular collaboration platforms, Connect is a single, purpose-built platform for security professionals to expand and aggregate their intelligence sources securely and privately.

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Single Collaboration Platform & Extended Networks of Trust

Use a single workspace that’s easy to learn and simple to use for all your collaboration with security peers and public safety officials. With simple onboarding, save time by inviting others to join and share insights.

Set up channels and threads to share intelligence securely within your community and in collaboration with trusted contacts in other organizations.

Expanded Risk Intelligence & Secure Solution

Collaborate and aggregate relevant intelligence to enhance your situational awareness, make timely decisions, prevent incidents and mitigate risks in real time.

Choose a solution that was built using best practices for secure application development and is delivered in an ISO-certified, FedRAMP-authorized, and SOC-audited hosting environment. Comply with privacy laws, including GDPR, and meet mandatory security requirements with end-to-end encryption for all communications.

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Vector LiveSafe Overview

Vector LiveSafe is compromised of several advanced features that makes it easy to manage your organization's security and risk.

Vector LiveSafe Mobile App

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Vector LiveSafe Technical Overview

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Vector LiveSafe Insights

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