Vector LiveSafe Return-to-Work

Ensure an easier return-to-work transition during COVID-19 and keep your employees informed, safe, and healthy with Vector LiveSafe.

Vector LiveSafe, the industry-leading enterprise risk intelligence and safety communications platform, enables organizations to detect potential COVID-19 infections, prevent outbreaks, and reduce legal liability, while maintaining the privacy and security of employee health information.




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Protect Your Team

Employees check in with their health status before they come to work via an easy-to-use questionnaire.

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Instill Confidence

Reassure your employees that your workplace is a safe and healthy place to be with the ability to quickly and easily share resources and guidance.

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Improve Engagement

Open the lines of communication with your team to reach them wherever they are and give them a private, secure way to share information.

Navigate COVID-19 Workplace Challenges

Now and perhaps more than ever, keeping employees healthy, safe, and informed is a priority for organizations across the country. Whether your organization has continued in-person work throughout the pandemic, transitioned to remote or hybrid operations, or is actively planning workplace re-entry strategies, Vector LiveSafe's re-entry tools make it possible to welcome employees back to work with the knowledge and confidence that they are healthy and protected. Vector LiveSafe offers secure, fast, and easy methods for: 

  • Automating daily health check-in questionnaires
  • Providing reliable and effective two-way health and safety communication
  • Ensuring employees have transparent access to the latest guidance/policies about COVID-19

Vector LiveSafe provides organizations the opportunity of early infection detection and potential outbreak prevention while reducing legal liability and maintaining the privacy and security of employee health information.

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Protect Employees and Organization With Reliable Daily Health Verification


Facilitate entry into the workplace by scheduling a daily health questionnaire for employees to fill out to self-report COVID-19 symptoms or possible exposure. Results are clearly displayed both on the employee's device and in administrative reports and indicates who can safely report to work.

Address Communication Needs in a Changed Workforce


Recent studies state over 70 percent of employers are planning to make hybrid/flexible operations a permanent option. The Vector LiveSafe mass communications platform makes it easy for organizations to communicate both routine and emergency incidents to build a safer, more informed workplace, whether your operations are in-person, remote, or hybrid.

Whether it's communicating the latest guidelines and recommendations of governmental and public health authorities, weather advisories, shift changes, crime alerts, or anything in between, Vector LiveSafe allows you to easily communicate the right message at the right time.

two-way communication

Enable Two-Way Communication With Employees


How to engage employees during these uncertain times is top-of-mind for organizations and with Vector LiveSafe you will be in a better place to take effective action. Organizations can give employees a secure, private way to ask COVID-19 questions and provide them resources. Employees can use the mobile app to submit their COVID-19 questions and concerns, anonymously if they prefer.

Gather Actionable Security Intelligence in a 'New Normal'


Organizations strive to make data-driven decisions, and in the 'new normal' working environment, actionable risk intelligence has never been more critical for decision-making. 

The Vector LiveSafe Dashboard makes it easy to access employee reporting analytics, meet company-wide health and safety needs, interact with users, and more. This robust functionality empowers organizations to understand their unique risk landscape and make informed, effective safety decisions.


Vector LiveSafe Overview


Emergency Notifications and Mass Communications

LiveSafe Alert makes it easy for organizations to communicate with their employees about both routine and emergency incidents to build a safer, more informed workplace.

Mobile App

Mobile Safety and Risk Reporting

Remove the barriers to reporting so you can hear from the people who know your organization best - your employees, students, and workers.


Real-Time Visibility Into Your Organization

Manage safety and security information and operations from one central location.


Detect Emerging Risks

LiveSafe Insights analyzes your organization's LiveSafe data to help you better understand your risk profile and improve your prevention strategy and response.


Collaborate With Your Peers

LiveSafe Connect, an intuitive collaboration platform, enables safety and security first responders and other security leaders to share insights and knowledge about local and industry activity with a customizable group of hand-selected peers.

Integrations & Capabilities

Extend reach, increase engagement, and streamline workflows by integrating your existing systems with the Vector LiveSafe platform.


What Our Customers Say

Business women professor

"Any report of hazing behavior or organizational misconduct causes concern. We want to be sure that our students and organizations are operating safely and within the boundaries of the Standards of Conduct."

Diana Lawrence

Associate Vice President for Communications, Dartmouth College

Business women professor

"[Vector] LiveSafe really saved us in D.C. during the inauguration. We were getting so many tips that we were able to deploy our security officers to the next area where the protesters would be. We're one of the few companies in all of D.C. that experienced zero property damage that day. The only reason our buildings weren't damaged is because we got out ahead of the issues."

LaNile Dalcour

Director of Security, U.S. Office Division, Brookfield Properties

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