Vector LiveSafe Alert

Vector LiveSafe Alert is an emergency notification and mass communications platform built to make it easy for organizations to communicate with their employees to build a safer, more informed workplace.

Vector LiveSafe Alert provides a powerful, easy-to-use mass communications tool to operations, facilities, or safety managers to notify employees across channels of incidents ranging from routine technology downtime to an active shooter emergency. By opening the lines of communication, organizations benefit from a more informed workforce that can better respond to potentially damaging or costly situations.



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Reach Employees Everywhere

Deliver customized broadcast messages to your employees in their channel of choice when it matters most.

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Avoid Message Fatigue

Segment your employees by groups, physical location, and organizational hierarchy.

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Improve Deliverability

Access a delivery results report to see who received your message successfully, as well as who did not and why.

Right Message, Right People, Right Time

Never be caught flat-footed in routine or emergency communications. Reach your employees wherever they are with our suite of broadcast functionality.

Establish Confidence in Your Emergency Response

Vector LiveSafe Alert gives you clear indicators of the audience and content of your message, providing you the same level of confidence whether you are sending a targeted message to 10 employees about an office closure, or an emergency message to 10,000 about an impending storm in the region.


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Mass Communications Across Channels

Vector LiveSafe Alert gives you multiple ways to reach your audience - whether that be traditional email, SMS, push notification or phone call. You can tailor your message for each channel you select, for example opting for more details in email and fewer words on SMS.


Select the Right Audience

The goal of mass communication in the workplace is to keep your employees informed and to ensure the right people are receiving your message. Vector LiveSafe Alert allows you to organize your audience into groups with a multitude of methods to segment your contacts, whether that be by job function, office assignment, or physical location.


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Receive Clarity in Delivery

In matters of employee safety, it's always best to verify that an emergency notification was received. Our results page provides clear guidance as to who received your message to give you peace of mind, or an action plan to reach employees who were unreachable.


Engage Your Employees with Check-In

Emergency response is made more effective with two-way employee engagement. LiveSafe Alert allows you to configure check-in messages to receive responses from employees during an incident, notifying you of who may need further assistance and helping you better react and respond.


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Ensure a Safe Return to the WorkPlace

LiveSafe Alert also allows you to schedule a daily health questionnaire for employees to fill out to self-report COVID-19 symptoms or possible exposure. Results are clearly displayed both on the employee's device and in the dashboard and indicates who can safely report to work.


Vector LiveSafe Overview


Return to Work and Reopen Safely

Vector LiveSafe provides a re-entry solution that makes it possible for companies to welcome their employees back to work with the knowledge and confidence that they are healthy and protected.

Mobile App

Mobile Safety and Risk Reporting

Remove the barriers to reporting so you can hear from the people who know your organization best - your employees, students, and workers.


Real-Time Visibility Into Your Organization

Manage safety and security information and operations from one central location.


Detect Emerging Risks

LiveSafe Insights analyzes your organization's LiveSafe data to help you better understand your risk profile and improve your prevention strategy and response.


Collaborate With Your Peers

LiveSafe Connect, an intuitive collaboration platform, enables safety and security first responders and other security leaders to share insights and knowledge about local and industry activity with a customizable group of hand-selected peers.

Integrations & Capabilities

Extend reach, increase engagement, and streamline workflows by integrating your existing systems with the Vector LiveSafe platform.

What Our Customers Say

Business women professor

"Any report of hazing behavior or organizational misconduct causes concern. We want to be sure that our students and organizations are operating safely and within the boundaries of the Standards of Conduct."

Diana Lawrence

Associate Vice President for Communications, Dartmouth College

Business women professor

"[Vector] LiveSafe really saved us in D.C. during the inauguration. We were getting so many tips that we were able to deploy our security officers to the next area where the protesters would be. We're one of the few companies in all of D.C. that experienced zero property damage that day. The only reason our buildings weren't damaged is because we got out ahead of the issues."

LaNile Dalcour

Director of Security, U.S. Office Division, Brookfield Properties

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