LiveSafe Command Dashboard

Your security team's one-stop shop to gather actionable security intelligence, communicate with employees, and access your organization's analytics and performance.

The Vector LiveSafe Dashboard is the interface that security personnel use to access the administrative features of Vector LiveSafe. While the tips are generated by users via the LiveSafe Mobile App, the dashboard gives organizations the ability to receive tips, interact with users, and administer other powerful features of Vector LiveSafe.




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Faster Response Times

Real-time tips means you can act quickly and knowledgeably to keep everyone safe.

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Improve Communications

Engage in real-time communication between employees and students and security personnel. 


Reduce Your Liability Exposure

Get a company-wide view to recognize threats and take proactive measures before incidents occur.

Gain Real-Time Visibility Into Your Organization

The Vector LiveSafe dashboard allows you to view safety and security insights sourced from your employees and students. See an overview of tips submitted and their location details, as well as the ability to see the details of each individual tip. 

Gather additional details by engaging in two-way chat with workers and students via tips they have submitted or through requests to message with security personnel. Hear directly from your people to better understand the top safety and security concerns in your organization.

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Notify Your Employees When It Matters Most

The Vector LiveSafe dashboard is the gateway to a robust set of tools to communicate with employees and students about critical events and routine operations. Reach your people wherever they are with the ability to send messages across channels and customize for each. And make sure you reach the right people with dynamic audience targeting that allows you to segment messages based on office assignment, physical location, organizational hierarchy, and more. 

Make your emergency response more effective with check-in functionality. Receive responses from workers and students during an incident to allow you to better react and respond to safety and security events.

Easily Access Your Safety and Security Data

The Vector LiveSafe dashboard provides quick, clean access to your organization's analytics. See an overview of your organization's usage of LiveSafe, or dive deeper into the details of a specific function within the platform. Analytics give you a broad view of the safety and security information from your employees and students and allow you to better understand potential threats and risks facing your organization.


Customize the Way Your Organization Uses LiveSafe

Our self-service home screen configuration empowers you to quickly and easily customize your organization's LiveSafe mobile app. Through the Vector LiveSafe dashboard, you can access the home screen editor to add, remove, reorder, or edit feature cards using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Once updates are made, they can be instantly deployed to users. These efficient, real-time changes enable your organization's LiveSafe administrators to use the home screen for critical communications during fast-moving events.

Vector LiveSafe Overview


Emergency Notifications and Mass Communications

LiveSafe Alert makes it easy for organizations to communicate with their employees about both routine and emergency incidents to build a safer, more informed workplace.


Return to Work and Reopen Safely

Vector LiveSafe provides a re-entry solution that makes it possible for companies to welcome their employees back to work with the knowledge and confidence that they are healthy and protected.

Mobile App

Mobile Safety and Risk Reporting

Remove the barriers to reporting so you can hear from the people who know your organization best - your employees, students, and workers.


Detect Emerging Risks

LiveSafe Insights analyzes your organization's LiveSafe data to help you better understand your risk profile and improve your prevention strategy and response.


Collaborate With Your Peers

LiveSafe Connect, an intuitive collaboration platform, enables safety and security first responders and other security leaders to share insights and knowledge about local and industry activity with a customizable group of hand-selected peers.

Integrations & Capabilities

Extend reach, increase engagement, and streamline workflows by integrating your existing systems with the Vector LiveSafe platform.





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"But here we had, all of a sudden, a business solution that had a security component... and it actually allowed us to be sure that the number of stories, and the quality of the stories were actually better than the competitors, because they were still figuring out where to get into the convention centers."

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"Through each step of the process, the [Vector Solutions] team worked hand-in-hand with us, leveraging [Vector] LiveSafe's functionality from broadcast alerts, real time messaging and information updates, to geo-fencing and welfare checks."

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