LiveSafe Mobile App

Empower your employees and students to take an active role in protecting themselves, their colleagues, and their organization.

Our intuitive mobile app enables employees, students, and workers to quickly submit information directly to security, access important safety and security resources, and receive critical information from your organization. The Vector LiveSafe Mobile App provides a suite of self-service safety tools that allows your people to contribute to the safety and security of your organization.




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Better Respond to Safety and Security Threats

Spot and stop hazardous situations before they happen via tips submitted through our mobile app.

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Improve Communications

Two-way chat between employees and students and security personnel provides an additional level of safety and trust.

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Increase Personal Safety

Easily accessible safety resources give employees, students, and workers additional tools to remain safe and protected.

Remove the Barriers to Reporting

Using the mobile app, employees and students can easily submit safety and security information, upload relevant photos or videos, and provide additional details through two-way chat with security. Users always control their privacy and can submit this information anonymously if preferred. 

Provide additional assistance and receive greater details in reporting with chatbot. Chatbot guides employees and students through the reporting process, helping them determine what to report and the type of report they are making.


Keep Your Employees Informed and Safe

Employees and students receive emergency notifications and critical safety communications across channels (email, SMS, push notification, and phone call) through broadcast messages. Security personnel can engage employees, students, and workers with configurable check-in messages that allow them to acknowledge and respond to the message.

Help is at Your Fingertips With Emergency Options

One-touch emergency options connect employees to security personnel or local emergency services. Workers and students can place an emergency call to security directly through the app. Discreet emergency messaging with the security team is also available in situations where a call may not be possible. 

Emergency options also provides the option to call 911 and, with globally aware services, employees and students will be connected with the proper emergency personnel no matter what region or country they are in. All emergency options alert security personnel through the dashboard with the location of the caller to allow for immediate response.

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Ensure Everyone Arrives Safely With SafeWalk

Using SafeWalk, employees and students can invite their contacts to virtually walk or drive with them. They can choose to let contacts actively follow their progress or to just have a notification sent if they don't reach their destination within the expected time. Contacts do not need to have the LiveSafe mobile app to monitor a SafeWalk.

An easy-to-access panic button is built into the SafeWalk functionality so that employees, students, and workers can get in touch with their security team or call 911 in case of an emergency en route.

Increase Protection With Self-Service Safety Tools

Employees and students can access local and organization-specific policies and guidance directly within the resources section of the app. These materials are accessible even without internet connectivity. They also have access to an interactive map that shows them pertinent safety locations (security offices, hospitals, police stations, etc.) in the surrounding area.


Vector LiveSafe Overview


Emergency Notifications and Mass Communications

LiveSafe Alert makes it easy for organizations to communicate with their employees about both routine and emergency incidents to build a safer, more informed workplace.


Return to Work and Reopen Safely

Vector LiveSafe provides a re-entry solution that makes it possible for companies to welcome their employees back to work with the knowledge and confidence that they are healthy and protected.


Real-Time Visibility Into Your Organization

Manage safety and security information and operations from one central location.


Detect Emerging Risks

LiveSafe Insights analyzes your organization's LiveSafe data to help you better understand your risk profile and improve your prevention strategy and response.


Collaborate With Your Peers

LiveSafe Connect, an intuitive collaboration platform, enables safety and security first responders and other security leaders to share insights and knowledge about local and industry activity with a customizable group of hand-selected peers.

Integrations & Capabilities

Extend reach, increase engagement, and streamline workflows by integrating your existing systems with the Vector LiveSafe platform.





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"Any report of hazing behavior or organizational misconduct causes concern. We want to be sure that our students and organizations are operating safely and within the boundaries of the Standards of Conduct."

Diana Lawrence

Associate Vice President for Communications, Dartmouth College

Business women professor

"[Vector] LiveSafe really saved us in D.C. during the inauguration. We were getting so many tips that we were able to deploy our security officers to the next area where the protesters would be. We're one of the few companies in all of D.C. that experienced zero property damage that day. The only reason our buildings weren't damaged is because we got out ahead of the issues."

LaNile Dalcour

Director of Security, U.S. Office Division, Brookfield Properties

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