LiveSafe Mobile App

Give your employees and students a means to surface information across a broad range of risk categories - in real-time.

Your employees are your first line of defense - so give them the power to prevent incidents with the Vector LiveSafe Mobile App. This easy-to-use app enables users to quickly submit information directly to security, access important safety and security resources, and communicate important safety and security information to your organization. The Vector LiveSafe Mobile App provides a suite of self-service safety tools that help surface risk insights to the right people, at the right time.



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Prevent Costly Incidents

Spot and stop hazardous situations before they happen via tips submitted through our mobile app

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Improve Communications

Two-way chat between users and security personnel provides an additional level of intelligence and empowerment

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Faster Response Times

Real-time tips means you can act quickly and knowledgeably to keep everyone safe

Mobile App Features

The Vector LiveSafe Mobile App is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded directly to a smartphone via Google Play and iTunes, respectively. The data exchanged between the Mobile App and the Command Dashboard is transmitted via a secure, virtual private cloud.

Risk is Everywhere

Hazardous conditions. Unauthorized persons. Sexual harassment and assault. Mental health challenges. Workplace violence. COVID-19 mitigation. The spectrum of issues is rivaled only by the exposure they create.

But no one knows more about what’s going on than the people on the ground. No one cares more about protecting the community than the people that define it — your employees and students.


Surface Actionable Risk Intelligence

Empower your community to say something.

  • Quickly submit safety and security information via mobile app
  • Location details submitted, users always control their privacy
  • Upload photos and videos to enhance tip content
  • Two-way chat with security to gather and share additional information
  • Tips routed to the proper authority in real-time
  • Users can always send tips anonymously

Broadcast and Check In Messages

Connect with your community.

  • Receive broadcast push notifications, SMS, and emails
  • Contextual messaging based on geolocation and organizational affiliation
  • Geofence and time driven messaging - right message at the right time
  • Instant accountability for community with Check In messages
  • Prompt users to submit tips via Broadcast Request for Information (RFI)
LiveSafe Broadcast and Check In
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Emergency Services

Help is always at your fingertips.

  • Quick 911 and local emergency services access
  • Globally aware services, no matter what country you are in
  • Configurable, dynamic local security and police numbers
  • Discreet emergency messaging with live location tracking
  • Alerts for all emergency activity sent to command dashboard

Vector LiveSafe Overview

Vector LiveSafe is compromised of several advanced features that makes it easy to manage your organization's security and risk.

Vector LiveSafe Connect

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Vector LiveSafe Dashboard

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Vector LiveSafe Technical Overview

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Vector LiveSafe Insights

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Featured Customers


What Our Customers Say

"Any report of hazing behavior or organizational misconduct causes concern. We want to be sure that our students and organizations are operating safely and within the boundaries of the Standards of Conduct."

Diana Lawrence

Associate Vice President for Communications, Dartmouth College

"[Vector] LiveSafe really saved us in D.C. during the inauguration. We were getting so many tips that we were able to deploy our security officers to the next area where the protesters would be. We’re one of the few companies in all of D.C. that experienced zero property damage that day. The only reason our buildings weren’t damaged is because we got out ahead of the issues."

LaNile Dalcour

Director of Security, U.S. Office Division, Brookfield Properties

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