Enterprise Solution

Formerly TargetSolutions

Collaborate and streamline training with regional fire departments and mutual aid partners with a centralized solution. 


Training Together Results in Working Together - Better

Standardize training and resources with neighboring fire service agencies to optimize performance and ensure the same level of service all across the region. 


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Standardize Training

Vector's LMS Enterprise version enables mutual aid partners and regional consortiums, trade associations and neighboring fire jurisdictions to more efficiently collaborate and standardize training practices.

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Easily Track Shared Training and Group Events

Create shared custom training activities and group events and easily track it all without having to submit paper rosters and hope it gets accounted for. 


Customize for Unique Agency Needs

Each department can set up their own child site to match their unique policies and culture, while accessing a shared Enterprise site to share resources, track group trainings and communicate more efficiently. 

Prevent Costly Incidents

Share Resources, Save Time

Work smarter and save time by sharing resources--standard trainings, videos, manuals, PPTs, SOGs, policies, etc.--from a centralized online location.

Meet Deadlines

Get Credit for Every Hour of Training

Generate reports on completed training from one centralized location and get credit for every training hour; nothing falls through the cracks regardless of where the training was held and which agency managed the process.

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Better Collaboration

Make sure your entire region, group or organization is working off the same instructions. Collaborate to create and deliver the same training and operational information. 

Centralize Training Content

Cut your administrative time and align your mutual aid teams by sharing an Enterprise site with your partner agencies. Individual department ("child sites") can still maintain the autonomy of their own site while improving collaboration and communication with their neighboring agencies.

Centralize Training Content

Streamline firefighter training management by building and sharing custom content at the Enterprise level. While communicating through the Enterprise site, you can still maintain the autonomy of your own site.


Firefighting training content
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Easily Share Resources

Create one centralized online location for group resources. Move resources from the Enterprise site into your own agency’s site. Whether it’s a training activity, video, policy, SOG, presentation, or anything else, it can be shared, delivered and tracked.

Standardize Training Procedures

Make sure your entire region, group or organization is working off the same instructions. Collaborate on training and operational information and organize regional training events with members from other connected groups.

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“If we’re going to be working together on the emergency scene, we darn well better be training together. Vector LMS Enterprise (formerly TargetSolutions) allows us to train much more effectively and much more cost-efficiently.”

Rick Vogt

Deputy Chief, North Zone Training Group (CA)

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We have to depend on other departments around us to handle emergencies. We’re all doing the same job as training officers, so it really helps if we’re on the same page. It also helps us reduce the workload from an administrative standpoint if we standardize training and allows more time on drill-ground.”

David Piper

Training Officer, Orlando Fire Protection District (IL)

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