Celebrate achievements with Badging! New to Vector PD Tracking.

We are excited to launch our new feature to increase accountability and recognize mastered skills and competencies of your staff. You can create badges to reinforce district initiatives, motivate professional growth, and allow educators and staff to showcase their achievements. Award badges for:

  • In-person PD Events
  • Online PD Events
  • Combination of In-Person and Online PD Events
  • Vector Training Courses

Our Badges Dashboard allows teachers and staff to see badges earned, imported, partially completed, and available to earn. Coaches, evaluators, and district staff can quickly identify those who have earned Badges to serve as mentors and facilitators.

VS EDU Badging Website
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Badging Features


Customize name, description, criteria to earn the badge, expiration date (if any), and badge icon.


Flexible criteria like attending an event, passing an assessment test, and uploading a transcript earns microcredentials.


Proudly display achievements and see other available badges to earn within your dashboard.


Download badges to share in email signatures, social media, and other platforms using IMS Global Open Badges standards.

Our PD Tracking solution helps busy administrators plan, manage, and track professional development activities.