Title 31 & AML Compliance

Reduce risk in casino operations with Title 31 and Anti-Money Laundering training compliance.

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Anti-Money Laundering Training & Compliance Program

Build a culture of safety and compliance with Vector Solutions’ online training system for the casino industry. Ensure AML and Title 31 training requirements are met for every employee according to FinCEN and the IRS.

Casino Title 31 Compliance

Vector Solutions provides a complete suite of training and operations management applications for enforce safety practices, enhance performance, and protect resources. Utilizing our integrated suite of applications, casino and gaming organizations can ensure compliance and maximize productivity for their employees. Find out why so many casinos across the United States are using Vector Solutions to manage Title 31 and employee training, Anti-Money Laundering compliance, operations and workforce management.

To ensure every gaming organization can achieve compliance with Title 31, Vector LMS for casinos offers an online suite of Title 31 training courses. Assign essential training such as:

  • Title 31 transaction reporting for operations
  • SAR incident scenarios and reporting
  • Title 26 and Form 8300
  • And more
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Vector LMS for casinos provides more than 150 engaging online courses dedicated to anti-money laundering (AML) training, career development and safety for gaming industry professionals. Our online training is accessible 24/7 and features self-paced lessons for employees.

Accurate tracking of Title 31 training is vital to verify completions for federal agencies and help enforce a culture of compliance. Vector LMS for casinos provides a robust reporting dashboard to oversee training data and distribute reports via email.

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An effective AML training program not only protects your casino from costly civil monetary penalties (CMPs), but also upholds it reputation. Online learning is more accessible to employees and eliminates financial or scheduling barriers from important training.

“Compliance is always seen as an expense without truly understanding the purpose of training in protecting the company from harm… The proper training program in place can help avoid potential adverse impact to business, costly fines and penalties.” 

Justin Hardin

Compliance Officer, ilani Casino Resort


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Creating a no-tolerance culture of compliance for casinos and gaming organizations is the topic of Vector Solutions Casinos’ latest report, “All Bets are Off on Money Laundering: An AML Compliance Guide for Casino & Gaming Organizations”.

In Vector’s new AML compliance guide, you’ll learn what it takes to build a strong compliance program, be given examples and the steep financial consequences of those who failed to comply, and have useful, easy-to-understand resources on AML at your fingertips.

Join the 2,500+ companies that stay ready with Vector Solutions.