Public Works

Achieve compliance, exceed safety standards, and reduce liability for water and wastewater agencies


Continuing Education for Water Professionals

Vector Solutions, formerly known as TargetSolutions, features more than 60 hours of accredited recertification training for water and wastewater professionals. The platform features dynamic courses for OSHA safety training, harassment prevention, driver safety, and more. The platform connects to a safety management application for tracking and reporting incidents. Discover how your agency can improve operational readiness with Vector Solutions.

Public Works Solutions

Easily Manage Training Compliance

Simplify mandatory recertification training with Vector Solutions’ easy-to-use, mobile-compatible system. Fulfill safety and technical requirements with state-approved training for water and wastewater management as well as courses for OSHA, HR and more. Online courses are available 24/7 and reduce the need for costly instructor-led training sessions.


Ensure Member’s Training Compliance

The Vector LMS securely stores certifications and licenses and alerts members of recertification deadlines. The online records management feature makes important files accessible in the case of an incident or audit – saving you time and money.

Reduce Exposure to Risk with Training

Limit liability exposure with an effective safety management program and incident reporting solution. Vector EHS management provides web-based and mobile applications for documenting incidents or possible exposures, tracking personnel involved, determining corrective actions and populating OSHA forms.

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Manage Shift Scheduling & Overtime

Vector Scheduling streamlines even the most complicated employee scheduling tasks. With the cloud-based system, processes such as shift assignments, employee callbacks for open positions, shift trades and time-off requests are automated based on your agency’s rules.



Our Solutions for Public Works




Vector LMS

Deliver, track and report Vector Solutions’ accredited online training, as well as your own custom-created content.

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Vector Scheduling

Empower your mission-critical workforce with an application to schedule shifts, manage overtime and time off requests.

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Vector EHS Management

Easily record and analyze safety activities including incidents, hazards, inspections, corrective actions, and more.

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Vector LiveSafe

Provide safety and security risk reporting, emergency communications, and health assessments and mitigation.

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Vector Check It

Comply with standards for managing controlled substances, track crucial inventory and streamline daily inspections.

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Vector Evaluations

Digitally evaluate live skill demonstrations, analyze performance and track skill sheets with one, powerful tool.

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“This has enabled us to have everything electronic, it’s saved out in the cloud. We have access to run reports, notifications to alerts us when things are coming due, or past due, and that helps us greatly with our records management”

Lynn Adgett

 Program Assistant, City of Reno (Nev.)

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“We are a full-service city. We have fire and police; we have our own energy plant. We have water, wastewater, public works. Every single department uses Vector Solutions (formerly TargetSolutions).”

Lorrie McClain

Human Resources Technician, City of Roseville

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Public Works Compliance Management

Accredited Training

CEUs for Water & Wastewater

Assign training from more than 60 hours of accredited continuing education for water and wastewater management professionals and track training hours from one, centralized system.

MAINTAIN Certifications

Secure Records Management Solution

Digitally store licenses and certifications in a secure online location for easy access and more organized files.


Efficiently Manage Safety Data

Manage occupational injuries and illnesses, environmental incidents, claims, and track appropriate follow up activities. Easily monitor detailed safety performance metrics at a glance.


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Water and Wastewater Training Management to Keep Your Organization Afloat