Equip Your Facilities Maintenance Employees with a Kick-Starter Learning Path

Equip Your Facilities Maintenance Employees with a Kick-Starter Learning Path

The challenge of determining which courses to assign to each Facilities Maintenance (FM) job role within your organization can be daunting. However, the days of asking yourself “Where do we begin?” can come to an end. Our kick-start Learning Path Guide for Facilities Maintenance is designed to help you effectively plan, advance, or guide your training program.

This user-friendly learning path tool matches our online training courses to seven different FM job roles, including Facility Technician, Facility Manager, Electrician, Plumber, and more. With this tool, your workers can advance their job skills, and organizations can ensure employee safety training aligns with federal OSHA and EPA compliance requirements while providing professional development opportunities for a variety of common Facilities Maintenance job titles.  

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It’s a Kick-Start Smart Guide to Facilities Maintenance

Check out this learning path tool to help identify and assign appropriate eLearning courses by job role for facilities maintenance teams. 

Here are examples of how you can quickly get your employee enrolled in training that matters for their role. If you have a new hire starting as a Facilities Maintenance Technician, you can use the learning path tool to easily identify and assign courses in the areas of HVAC systems, electrical maintenance, and equipment repair to ensure they have a solid foundation for their role.  

Or, if you are looking to advance a top-performing employee into a Facility Manager role, you can use the learning path tool to assign courses about on-the-job (OJT) mentoring, hiring skills, and how to transition supervising former peers.  

Our color-coded learning path map highlights 100 eLearning courses organized into 17 skills-based and FM topic areas, providing a quick and efficient way to assess and assign courses that align with your organization's and FM employees’ learning goals and career pathways.   

By utilizing our kick-start smart guide, you can fully leverage Vector Solutions' Facility Management and Maintenance (FMM) Complete Library and unlock your employees' potential for professional growth and development. Whether you are onboarding new hires, upskilling experienced FM employees, or providing career advancement opportunities, our learning path tool can help you optimize your employees' learning journey and promote career development within your organization. 

Our Learning Path Guide’s Advantages

This guide provides a recommended learning path for your core facilities maintenance training, showcasing how training courses align with different professional roles and levels. Check out how this will benefit your organization and help your employees build a strong foundation in their respective roles.  

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Organizational Consistency 

Vector Solutions’ online learning ensures that important job skills are presented consistently to all employees in specific job roles. For example, you can be confident that all your Maintenance Technicians, regardless of level, have been taught the same foundational preventative maintenance concepts. This creates a solid foundation for your organization and functional areas to build upon. 

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Fast, Efficient Onboarding 

A positive onboarding experience is crucial for employee retention, especially in today's competitive job market. This career pathing guide can help you establish first-year training goals for new employees, regardless of their level or area of expertise. 

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Boosting Employee Moral & Retention  

In addition to onboarding and courses for compliance requirements, experienced employees may seek out their own training opportunities. Research shows that providing a visible path for continuous upskilling and education can boost employee morale and retention. 

Vector Solutions’ Learning Path Guide paired with our Facilities Management and Maintenance Complete Library, you can easily navigate job skills, safety, and professional development training for your FM team. Let us help you make your workplace Safer, Smarter, Better. Request a demo and download our complimentary guide today. 

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