Cinnaminson Fire Department Tracks All Daily Training with Vector Solutions

Cinnaminson Fire Department Tracks All Daily Training with Vector Solutions

Since implementing Vector Solutions in 2017, the Cinnaminson Fire Department (NJ)
as utilized its flexible features to improve many aspects of their training management. From delivering refresher content to optimizing hands-on training to tracking all training hours, Vector Solutions has helped the Cinnaminson FD streamline it all.

Philip Drangula, Lieutenant in Training & Special Operations for the Cinnaminson Fire
Department described the impact Vector Solutions has had on his department and
highlighted key aspects of the system.

Optimizing Daily Training Management

Before using Vector Solutions, Drangula explained his department solely relied on hands-on training and classroom sessions to complete refresher training. “There was no consistency in the information that was going out,” Drangula explained.

Since implementing Vector Solutions, learning has become standardized across stations for the Cinnaminson FD – ensuring every member of the department is up-to-date in their skill sets and understands learning principles.

In addition to making training content more uniform, Drangula praised Vector Solutions’ flexibility with online courses that can be taken 24/7, anytime, anywhere. “The whole department used to get together in a classroom twice a month for refresher training on required items like bloodborne pathogens, SCBA, etc.” Drangula discussed. “Now, our personnel can complete this training from the comfort of their own home,” – saving time and resources.

Drangula also emphasized Vector Solutions’ ability to work hand-in-hand with drill-yard exercises. By delivering Vector Solutions courses or his department’s own content as pre-training, personnel know what is expected during drills and can perform procedures more effectively as they’ve been briefed on them beforehand.

Tracking Hours & Comprehensive Reporting

With Vector Solutions, the Cinnaminson Fire Department can track all training hours – both online courses and in-person exercises. Ensuring compliance has never been easier for the department as individuals can enter their own hours of completion while platform administrators can also enter training hours for groups. Then, when running reports, Drangula highlighted that he can access comprehensive data about his department’s training and take any necessary action based on reports.

Cinnaminson FD had an ISO review in late spring of 2017 and was able to improve from a class 4 to a class 2 rating. Because they were still implementing Vector Solutions at the time, gathering the records from limited data made the entire process tedious and time-consuming. Now with Vector Solutions, Drangula asserts that his department has the comprehensive reports needed for the next ISO audit to achieve a class 1 rating.

“Skeptics are afraid that online training is trying to take the place of practical training. However, it actually enhances our training program and allows more free time for hands-on training activities.”
Philip Drangula, Lieutenant in Training & Special Operations
Cinnaminson Fire Department (NJ)

Sharing Resources & Enterprise Training Solution

Cinnaminson FD not only uses Vector Solutions to maximize how they track and deliver training, but also to collaborate with neighboring agencies, and even within their own department’s stations, via the Enterprise solution. With this feature, Drangula explains that his department can capitalize on the expertise of each station or different departments to help build their training program.

For a multi-discipline agency, the Enterprise solution has been particularly beneficial for the Cinnaminson Fire Department. Once a training activity or policy has been built, it can be easily shared across the Vector Solutions platform. Additionally, they’ve used Vector Solutions to identify popular call types across departments or infrequent ones to assign more meaningful training based on these findings.

About Cinnaminson Fire Department

The Cinnaminson Fire Department serves a population of roughly 16,500 people and provides firefighting and emergency medical services to 5,500 households. Made up of 18 career firefighters and 24 volunteer firefighters, this combination department trains to answer a variety of emergency calls from firefighting, EMS, confined space rescue and other hazards. Due to this, all members of the Cinnaminson Fire Department are EMT certified and continuously train in multiple disciplines.

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