VECTOR SOLUTIONS C.O.R.E.: Part 4 of 4 – Efficiency Improvement

VECTOR SOLUTIONS C.O.R.E.: Part 4 of 4 – Efficiency Improvement

This is the fourth and final installment in our four-part series exploring C.O.R.E – Compliance and Certification, Operational Readiness, Risk Management, and Efficiency Improvement – as key factors driving optimized performance leveraging a total performance solution like Vector Solutions.

Part 4 of 4: Efficiency Improvement

As discussed previously in the first installment addressing the key factors that drive optimized performance, compliance and certification are critical for every organization. Helping to mitigate risks and ensure that there are no legal issues or penalties, compliance and certification deliver continuing education and accreditation.

The second tenet, operational readiness, leverages technology to arm staff with real-time data, training, incident and accident reporting, SDS management, staff evaluation, and professional development tracking to help organizations operate at the highest level.

The third tenet, risk management, provides safety improvements and reduces risks and claims, while the fourth tenet, efficiency improvement, reduces asset downtime and bolsters process and workflow.

The fourth and final tenet, efficiency improvement, reminds us that every second counts. From reducing asset downtime to improving workflow processes, efficiency improvements can save manpower, resources, money, and more.

Performance optimization all comes down to designing and deploying training programs through our four C.O.R.E. tenets, where each tenet acts as a strategic piece of the C.O.R.E. puzzle that serves to empower organizations with a workforce that is compliant, certified, prepared, safe, and efficient.

And when your organization is safe, ready to succeed in any situation, and highly trained, it’s time to focus on our fourth and final C.O.R.E. value: efficiency improvement.

Total Efficiency Improvement Performance Solutions

Now, efficiency improvement may mean different things to different industries.

Commercial Sector

For the commercial sector, such as industrial manufacturing, it could mean reduced asset downtime and improved process and workflow through customized, augmented-reality (AR) training apps.

Vector Solutions’ AR app leverages cutting-edge technology to efficiently walk a technician through a valve-and-plug procedure, a process required before performing maintenance on certain equipment.

The AR app allows users to replace clipboards, pen and paper with a mobile application and checklist that can be accessed from a phone or tablet. Each item in the walkthrough checklist populates one at a time, and users must confirm each step to complete and progress. The app also includes a safety check so users can confirm they are wearing the correct protective gear before they begin.

By providing a checklist that is easily accessible and lays out each individual step of the process, the AR app streamlines the process, improves workflow, and reduces risk.

Education Sector

For the education sector, it might mean quicker identification of a teacher’s skills gap when working with special needs students.

Vector’s customizable Educator Evaluation Solution automates the teacher and staff evaluation process, saving valuable time and helping districts better organize their professional development and manage growth and performance. Flexible training options and personalized dashboards and reports allow educators to more easily track progress, manage compliance, analyze trends, and identify opportunities for professional development and growth.

Public Sector

For the public sector, it could mean a fire chief’s ability to quickly schedule and deploy specialized resources during an emergency.

TargetSolutions Scheduling™ gives Fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies total control of their workforce management and employee scheduling needs in an all-in-one online solution accessible from any web-enabled device or the mobile app. By combining these dynamic features into one simplified solution, first responders can operate more efficiently and respond to shift or scheduling requests in real time.

The bottom line? Vector's products and solutions help organizations improve their efficiency, one course at a time.

Watch: Because Every Second Counts

Efficiency Improvement Can Be Complicated. We Make It Simple.

Creating efficiency doesn’t happen overnight.

So at Vector Solutions, our total performance solutions have helped thousands of professionals. By investing in the development of their staff, organizations have a proven way to improve safety, grow their business, and become more efficient with our best-in-class continuing education and training.

Our solutions are trusted by both individuals and organizations around the world to help them effectively manage themselves and their workforce in mission-critical industries which is why, when time, money, and – most importantly – lives are on the line, our clients turn to us as their trusted, total performance solutions partner.

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