Vector’s Customers Impact Communities

Vector’s Customers Impact Communities

At Vector, we’re driven by our mission, which is to elevate and support the everyday heroes who are making a real impact in their communities. By providing them with mission-critical training and workflow solutions that suit their unique needs, our customers are able to do what they do best - make our communities better, safer places to live.

Here are just a few of our customers who are changing and saving lives in their communities:

2nd Largest County in North Carolina Makes Schools Safer for Students

At Cumberland County Schools in North Carolina, teachers are empowered with the necessary tools and training from their very first day, allowing them to spend their time where it matters most - in the classroom, performing high-value work educating and caring for students. That means helping students find their passion and what they want to pursue for their careers as they grow older. It means keeping them safe from bullies, helping them build strong relationships with their teachers and other students, and intervening in the lives of those kids who are struggling and who believe suicide is their only option. Cumberland County Schools focuses on what matters most: positioning the next generation of children to be safe, healthy, educated, and ready to face the particular challenges that come with adulthood.

Prior to using Vector online training, Cumberland County Schools was forced to conduct in-person training for all 6,000+ current teachers and staff at the district’s operations building. This was inefficient and inconvenient for everyone involved and it slowed down the onboarding process for 1,000+ new teachers each year. By switching to online training, Cumberland County Schools not only improved their student experience for nearly 50,000 students by giving them valuable time back with their teachers, but they also made their learning environment safer by providing impactful courses on active assailant training, suicide prevention, and bullying and sexual abuse prevention.

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Aberdeen Police Department Upholds Highest Ethical & Performance Standards

The 7,500 residents of Aberdeen, North Carolina can rest easy at night knowing their community is safe thanks to the protection of the Aberdeen Police Department. Their police department upholds the highest standards for all of its officers. They ensure that their officers are deserving of trust and that those who are patrolling the city are appropriately and effectively trained, meaning that the Aberdeen PD is always prepared to act when a crisis arises and their communities are in danger.

Several years ago, Aberdeen PD implemented Vector Guardian Tracking, a performance management and early intervention system to track specific behaviors, including the discharge of a firearm, use of force, and vehicle collisions. While making the tracking of this vital data so much simpler, using Vector also means that Aberdeen PD is better equipped to deal with and make smarter decisions regarding any incidents that may arise. Supervisors are able to quickly review the actions and decisions of any officer in question and provide coaching when needed, as well as documentation that validates the actions and decisions the officer made. As Patrol Captain Brian Chavis said, “It helps us prove that we’re doing what we’re saying we’re doing.”

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Pinellas County Training Group Ensures Firefighters Are Ready to Save Lives

In Pinellas County, Florida, being a part of the Pinellas County Training Group is about so much more than just checking boxes and meeting training quotas - it is about protecting those in need. If the unthinkable happens and a family has to make a call for help in the middle of the night, these firefighters are there to risk their own safety, putting out the flames and saving the lives of those who might otherwise be trapped in a burning building.

All eighteen municipal and special district fire departments in Pinellas County use the same dispatch system, receiving upwards of 150,000 calls in a single year. The training needs for so many firefighters is staggering and, for many years, each group relied on complicated, in-house programs to track and log training records. Now, Vector’s Learning Management System allows these firefighters to meet training requirements and report their training with ease, allowing them to be prepared to save lives every time the firehouse bell sounds.

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Firefighter climbing up stairs in a structure fire

Our Customers Are Prepared to Do What Needs to Be Done, When it Needs to Be Done

This is just a small sample of the good that our clients in critical industries are doing. From K-12 and higher education, to law enforcement, fire safety, industrial manufacturing, and more, they are committed to using efficient and effective technology solutions to keep their teams trained and poised for action.

At Vector, we are proud to serve such a wide array of everyday heroes, helping them to hone in on the things they most need to know and understand to fulfill their missions so that they can continue to make a meaningful impact in their communities. And that means being ready to save the day - whenever that day comes.

Keep Your Community Safe

At Vector, we’re driven by our mission to elevate and support our customers with mission-critical training and workflow solutions so they can make our communities better, safer places to live.

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