Optimal Human Capital Management with Vector Scheduling

Optimal Human Capital Management with Vector Scheduling

Scheduling a workforce can be challenging. And that’s putting it mildly.

As anyone who has ever managed scheduling for employees knows, its seemingly endless moving parts and things to consider makes it feel like an impossible game of human capital chess. And if that scheduling is for critical industries, such as fire and EMS, law enforcement, utilities, manufacturing, and casinos, that task proves even more paramount – and complicated. 

But it doesn’t have to be.

Because after joining forces with CrewSense, our recently acquired product that provides workforce management software, Vector Solutions now offers robust and configurable scheduling and operational tools to businesses through our TargetSolutions brand and our commercial brands, RedVector, Convergence Training, and IndustrySafe. 

Our user-friendly Vector Scheduling platform ensures that schedules are maintained efficiently and accurately, open shifts are filled in an automated, fair, and equitable fashion, and detailed workforce analytics and reporting are easily obtained.

The software makes complicated organizational tasks simple and reliable with a cloud-hosted intelligent, rules-based platform that allows administrators to alert, match-qualify and fill openings quickly with zero human interaction required. 

‘Zero human interaction required.’

Just imagine the possibilities. 

Employee Scheduling & Shift Planning

For those whose imagination fails them or for those who want to revel in the itemized benefits of the platform, consider that with Vector Scheduling, subscribers can now coordinate schedules, oversee employee hours, manage overtime, simplify communication, and solve complex scheduling and resource management headaches – quickly and easily.


With Vector Scheduling, you can … 

Simplify Scheduling

Create customizable schedules with unlimited rotations or scheduling variables.

  • Easily make schedule adjustments using the intuitive dashboard.
  • View changes in real-time.
  • Review hour-by-hour staffing levels to address staffing deficits.
  • Monitor total hours worked per employee to help manage fatigue.
  • Oversee shifts from any web-enabled device.

Automate Callbacks

Our callback automation tools eliminate the hassle of managing overtime hiring.

  • Save hours of calling with our callback engine that can fill open shifts by automatically contacting qualified workers.
  • Customize how employees are notified of callback opportunities with flexible tools.
  • Intelligent rules automate callbacks and filter responses based on qualifiers.
  • Employees determine their auto-accept and unavailability periods for overtime.

Manage Employee Time Off

Easily process shift trades, leave requests, accruals, and more.

  • Self-maintaining tradeboards improve transparency and reduce grievances.
  • Ledger keeps track of balances due & owed.
  • Base request approvals or denials on automated qualifiers.

Generate Reports

Flexible reporting enables data-based decision-making.

  • Generate visual reports to identify trends, areas of concern, and organizational needs.
  • Export reports for payroll, overtime hours, callbacks, & more.

Stop Stressing & Start Scheduling – Easily 

Find out how you can simplify your workforce management with our Vector Scheduling today!

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