Reduce Workplace Injuries with TargetSolutions’ Essential Ergonomics Solution

TargetSolutions’ Essential Ergonomics Solution allows organizations to combine custom training and policies with online courses to educate employees and reduce injuries.

Ergonomics is focused on minimizing injuries and stress in the workplace by enhancing the relationship between employees and their work environment.

Poor posture, incorrect positioning of computer equipment, and forceful exertions are leading factors when it comes to workplace injuries. Whether it’s in a traditional office setting, or out in the field, ergonomics are an important aspect for maintaining a safe working environment.

TargetSolutions’ Manage Credentials application allows organizations to package engaging online training content, including engaging online training courses, surveys, policies, and other custom content to achieve compliance and minimize workplace ergonomic issues.

“If people don’t understand how to properly operate in their work environment, especially in regards to how they’re positioning themselves, how they’re lifting, how they’re even using their computer or sitting in their chair, it can cause musculoskeletal disorders,” said TargetSolutions’ Client Services Manager Jennifer Jones. “I think the number one issue organizations face in regards to ergonomics is lost work time due to injury.”

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