Safety tips for chemical manufacturers


Over the years, OSHA has developed helpful safety resources to apply to a vast range of industries in the manufacturing sector. In the chemical manufacturing industry, when chemicals are not properly managed, workers can be exposed to hazards that could result in injury or death. To keep your workers safe in this industry, here are a couple of useful tips:

Employees in the chemical manufacturing industry must work with a variety of dangerous chemicals, one of which is ammonia. Ammonia is deadly as the slightest exposure is corrosive to the lungs, skin and eyes. Personal protective equipment is required by OSHA's safety standards, such as the use of impervious clothes and safety goggles.

To mitigate potential chemical hazards, employers should use process safety management. This process includes following proper operating and emergency procedures, keeping up to date on regulation changes, and reporting all incidents and close encounters to supervisors.

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