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Sharknado Safety Training Tips

The world is full of things to fear.

The animal kingdom has given us creepy, crawly things like spiders and snakes. Not to mention lions, and tigers, and bears (oh, my!).

The natural world and our climate have given us terrors like earthquakes and ice ages.

Hollywood, of course, has made it all worse, with creations that instill deep-seated fear even worse than a real-life trauma. For example, my mother never took a shower for years after watching Hitchcock's Psycho. And in turn, I was frightened to take a bath or swim in a pool for years after watching Jaws.

But now Hollywood has topped it all. They’ve given us the ultimate reason to be scared. They’ve taken one of nature’s most violent storms—the tornado—and blended it with one of the animal world’s most fearsome predators—the shark.

That’s right. We’re talking about—the Sharknado. And last night (Sunday, August 6) was the premier showing of Sharkando 5, guaranteed to frighten the bejeezers out of us all.

With this new menace to haunt our days and nights, to stalk our psyches, and to terrorize our primal, ancestral reptilian brains, we thought we’d offer you some tips on appropriate safety training videos to help you prepare. Read on if you even hope to survive this deadly new scourge.

15 Health and Safety Training Course Suggestions for the Next Sharknado

Here are 15 suggested training courses for you. What else do you think a Sharknado might require?

1. Hearing Conservation Training

Let me repeat--it’s a Sharknado. While it IS important to protect your hearing, this is the least of your concerns.

2. Hand Washing and Hygiene Training:

Although everyone recognizes the importance of proper sanitation, this is a Sharknado--a tornado that spits out sharks, an animal that is itself so scary it's got its own week on TV. Hand sanitation is NOT your biggest issue right now.

3. Flu Avoidance Training:

The flu? Dude! What we’ve got here is a tornado, an intensely violent storm that’s been recorded at maximum wind speeds over 300 mph (source), showering the world with nature’s most perfectly designed killing machines (some of which may even have frickin’ lasers attached to their heads, for all we know). Let's focus on the real risks and hazards, huh?


4. Conflict Management Training:

What—you’re going to try to talk your way through this? Let me tell you, you’re not going to get all kumbaya with a Sharknado. That ain’t gonna happen.

5. Heat Stress Causes:

Even if it IS hot out, if you've got a Sharknado breathing down your neck, I guarantee that you'll know what's stressing you out.

6. Hydraulic Fluid Safety Training:

You were thinking of trying to use a nearly invisible stream of hydraulic fluid, escaping from an unseen hole in a hydraulic line, to give a shark a hydraulic fluid injection injury? Are you serious? Do you not know how thick the skin of a shark is?

7. Machine Guarding Safety Training:

Hmm. We DID say that a shark is nature’s perfectly designed killing machine, but that’s not what we were getting at. But we're getting closer, at least.

8. Emergency Action Plan Safety Training:

NOW you’re talking. Because what we’ve got here is a true emergency. Possibly the mother of all emergencies. A plan is DEFINITELY in order.

9. Bloodborne Pathogens Training:

Yes, there will be blood. Oops: that's a different movie about mining-- never mind!

10. First Aid for Bleeding Emergencies Training Course:

You can bet your life you’re going to need some first aid training to stop all that bleeding. In fact, a Sharknado is so fearsome you’ll probably need some second, third, and fourth aid training too.

11. Driver Safety-Driving Hazard Recognition Course:

You’re darned right you’re going to try to drive to safety, and you can be sure sharks flying down the highway are a hazard to identify (and control). One last thought to add here--if you're thinking of avoiding the traffic and getting away on a boat, remember that size matters.

12. Hand and Power Tool Safety Training:

The use of power tools such as chainsaws (watch the video in this link) can be effective against a Sharknado. But only when handled properly and safely.

13. Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Training:

If you've seen Jaws, you know that a compressed gas cylinder can also help when you're dealing with the ocean's most dangerous predator.

14. Confined Space Training:

That's a good idea. Getting into a confined space may be just what you need to protect yourself from a Sharknado. Unless, of course, you get into a confined space WITH a shark--like the guy in this shark cage with a ferocious shark trying to eat him.

15. Diversity Training:

Diversity training--you're on to something there. This one may not seem obvious, but the Sharknado does not discriminate. Absolutely not. The Sharknado is an equal-opportunity nightmare, stalking you with sharks of every race, creed and color--great whites, hammerheads, bull, tigers, blues, makos, and more. Each exquisitely fine-tuned by nature to hunt you down in a unique, terrible way.

Want to see more cool EHS training courses? Check out library of online safety training courses to see titles and course samples, or just watch the short sample video to get a sense of the quality.

Conclusion: Sharknado Safety Training for Us All!

Hope these tips keep you safe from the next Sharknado! See you again soon.

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