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    April 25, 2022

    Guardian Tracking Enhances Automation and Customization Functionality


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    Guardian Tracking

    Guardian Tracking by Vector Solutions continues to grow to meet the evolving needs of the public safety industry.


    Tampa, FL – April 25, 2022 – Guardian Tracking offers public safety entities industry-leading tools for early intervention, positive recognition, exposure tracking, and employee retention to ignite performance and ensure behaviors follow policies. Acquired by Vector Solutions in 2021, the leading provider of industry-focused software solutions for training, workforce management, and risk communications, Guardian Tracking has continued to introduce new functionality and enhance existing features. 

    “The mission of Guardian Tracking has always been to equip public safety organizations with a digital tool to better support, empower, and improve trust with their employees,” said Paul Boulware, a software project consultant at Vector Solutions. “These enhancements demonstrate our commitment to that goal. In combination with Vector Solutions’ suite of public safety solutions, Guardian Tracking will continue to help manage risk, boost safety, and ignite personnel performance.” 

    Hosted through Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide enhanced security and data integrity, Guardian Tracking’s recent updates focus on improving the customization and automation of the solution, saving public safety agencies time and ensuring specific behavior or performance flags are seen by the right people.  

    Agencies are now able to utilize special fields to trigger an alert, in addition to, or apart from, the categories to which they are assigned. Additionally, multiple categories and employees can now be added to a single entry, broadening the depth of behavioral data captured regarding a single incident. When documents need to be shared internally, users can now include ad-hoc approval steps, customizing who needs to see each document and what needs to be done with it, improving document workflows.

    A newly added virtual bulletin board enables agencies to pin an entry to share and celebrate successes, as well as automatically notify users when a new entry has been added. 

    Other enhancements include:

    • Early intervention and recognition flags automatically recalculate when entries are edited.
    • Employee groups have been added, reducing the amount of time required to manage users and permissions.
    • Hierarchy lines have been enhanced to include indirect reporting scenarios.
    • New “reveal” functionality ensures that the chain of command is aware of important documentation without immediately sharing it with those involved in the incident. 
    • Enhanced editing functionality for existing documents. All changes are logged in the audit trail.
    • Files size limits and mobile responsiveness have been enhanced.
    • Tasks can now be linked to documents or be completely independent. New user interface screens allow for easy management of your tasks.
    • Agencies can now make use of an SAML 2.x compliant single-sign-on solution by requesting integration from customer support.

    To learn more about Guardian Tracking, join us for a demonstration at booth No. 4232 to see its new enhancements and just what it can do for your agency. 

    About Vector Solutions

    Vector Solutions is the leading provider of award-winning, intelligent SaaS solutions that help organizations and individuals operate at the highest level and prepare for more challenging workplaces and environments. Its extensive online and mobile training library features carefully curated world-class content to meet the unique needs of professionals in the industrial, engineering, education, and public safety industries. Reaching approximately 31 million users and more than 35 thousand clients worldwide, Vector’s mission is to serve everyday heroes by delivering intelligent software solutions that empower them to make safer, smarter, better decisions. For more information, visit

    About Guardian Tracking

    Guardian Tracking is a leadership platform creating higher-performing organizations built by and for public safety professionals in 2007. Today, Guardian Tracking is trusted by more than 1,400 organizations to empower their dedicated professionals to thrive, building trust through Early Intervention, positive recognition, immediate and transparent feedback. For more information, please see

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