Monumental Sports & Entertainment Case Study: Employee Preparedness

Monumental Sports & Entertainment Case Study: Employee Preparedness

Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) Case Study

About MSE

Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) is a leading sports and entertainment company which owns and operates several professional sports teams and state-of-the-art arenas and training facilities, including the Washington Wizards, the Washington Capitals, Capital One Arena, and Eaglebank Arena. MSE has 500 full-time employees and $500 million in net revenue.

The Situation

The security team at MSE is committed to keeping its venues safe for employees and visitors alike by ensuring that there are effective, well-understood protocols in place. To encourage preparedness, they conduct evacuation drills in which everyone—staff, vendors, and patrons—must exit the facility in accordance with emergency protocols.

The Challenge

Although the MSE security team had already developed protocols for evacuations, they did
not have a way to effectively communicate these procedures to employees in a timely manner. Additionally, they did not have the means for their employees to respond with subsequent questions or concerns.

Facilities such as Capital One Arena are also incredibly expansive, so security officials needed a way to deliver location-specific evacuation instructions and procedures to employees. They also wanted to increase familiarity with the LiveSafe application so that employees would be comfortable submitting tips, utilizing available resources, and following broadcast messages.

The Solution

Monumental Sports & Entertainment security officials realized that the LiveSafe platform could help them communicate with employees in real time and manage a safe, effective arena evacuation. Additionally, integrating LiveSafe into existing security protocols could foster a culture of prevention and preparedness for its employees. Therefore, MSE used LiveSafe to operationalize a new evacuation drill process and timeline for its facilities.

The security team utilized the LiveSafe Mobile Platform to send a broadcast message with the evacuation details to all staff at Capital One Arena and allowed them to respond with questions or concerns in real time. Having provided employees with a warning, they activated the fire alarm and announced the evacuation over the arena loudspeakers. A geo-targeted broadcast provided staff in certain areas with additional information on how to safely exit the facility. Users were also given a map of areas to avoid.

As they exited the facility, employees were able to check in to confirm that they had safely evacuated or to request help if needed. Once the drill ended, a broadcast was sent out with an all-clear message indicating that it was safe to return.

The Result

The evacuation drill at Capital One Arena was successfully completed, better preparing employees for potential future emergencies. Personnel in affected areas were identified using LiveSafe’s geofencing capability and were sent targeted evacuation messages. All users were able to indicate when they were safe via LiveSafe’s check-in capability and request help as needed. Following the drill, the LiveSafe team compiled data on employee response and presented MSE with informed recommendations about how to strengthen future evacuation procedures and optimize communications between security teams and employees in emergency situations. This improved employee preparedness and led to a safer more prepared workplace.

"Evacuating a one-million-square-foot arena is not an easy task. Preparation and planning are essential and LiveSafe was excited to partner with us early in the process. Through each step of the process, the LiveSafe team worked hand-in-hand with us, leveraging LiveSafe’s functionality from Broadcast alerts, real-time messaging and information updates, to geo-fencing and welfare checks.

Following the evacuation drill, LiveSafe compiled the data to provide critical feedback regarding performance, identify areas of vulnerability, and ultimately demonstrate the value of their product. 

Partnering with LiveSafe has significantly changed our ability to communicate and respond to incidents. LiveSafe is an essential part of our emergency response plan and greatly enhances the safety and security of our fans, teams and employees."

- Monumental Sports & Entertainment Security Director

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