Safer, Smarter, Better: A Day In The Life Of An Industrial Manufacturing Employee

Safer, Smarter, Better: A Day In The Life Of An Industrial Manufacturing Employee

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At Vector Solutions, our mission is to support the everyday heroes in critical industries, empowering them to make better, smarter, and safer decisions that provide better outcomes for themselves, their organizations, and their communities. Every day, our clients in industrial, education, public safety sectors, and more, use our world-class solutions to ensure they have critical information when and where they need it. 

Here is an example of how an organization can harness the power of our solutions to provide access and seamless delivery of critical information to one employee in the critical industrial manufacturing industry.

A Day In The Life of an Aerial Lift Operator with Vector Solutions

Here’s how a single day might look for a critical worker, Dana, an aerial lift operator at a manufacturing organization, who is using the right combination of tech solutions to ensure she has the information when and where she needs it.

The Day Before

Dana logs onto the Vector Scheduling platform from her home computer to browse overtime shifts and signs up for an available aerial lift shift. The system instantly detects that Dana hasn’t had an aerial lift training in the past 6 months, but that doesn’t impact her ability to take the shift, as the Vector LMS and Training Management platform automatically assigns her a 5-minute, 3-D video on the proper use of aerial lifts to refresh her memory. Dana receives a notification of her training module assignment and completes it, so she’s ready to go for her shift the following day. She doesn’t know yet, but this short training session has empowered her to positively impact the safety of everyone working at her organization.

Shift Day

Health Status: Ready To Work!

Dana arrives on-site at the plant. Once she enters the geofencing range set up in the Vector LiveSafe app, she receives a push notification to her phone with a health survey to complete, and then heads inside to start her shift. Some other ways the Vector LiveSafe app can be used include:

  • For health-related surveys, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • For easy access to safety protocols and safety-basics for heavy equipment operators or workers who are executing tasks at heights. 
  • To deliver plant-specific general safety protocols and information that a new or contract worker may not be familiar with. Protocols and safety basics for that particular plant could be pushed out.

On-Shift And On The Spot With A Critical Observation

Dana is clocked in and ready to get to work when she notices (thanks to her training from the day before) that the sticker on the aerial lift displays an incorrect wind rating. She knows it would be unsafe to operate the lift in those conditions, so she logs in to the Vector EHS Management mobile app and takes a picture of the sticker, uploading it with an incident report - all right from her phone. The Vector EHS Management mobile app helps encourage employee reporting by:

  • Utilizing anonymous reporting for safety hazards via a simple web link without a username or password.
  • Automatically alerting managers by triggering notifications to be sent to the safety manager, plant manager, and training manager.
  • Notifying anytime there is a “near miss” associated with aerial lifts; business rules in the EHS system will trigger and mandate aerial lifts.
  • Appropriate training videos, such as a 2-minute training video on proper aerial lift wind rating, are automatically assigned to employees at that plant.

Thanks to Dana’s tip, a training update goes out to all pertinent plant employees through the Vector LMS and Training Management platform, which they can access either web-based through a desktop or on a mobile device to do the following: 

  • Once training is assigned, the employees are immediately notified of the training via email and other push notifications.
  • They can conveniently login and complete the training either via their web or mobile devices wherever they are.
  • This ensures that even if the employee is in the field, they can still get the critical potentially life-saving important information just-in-time.

Plant managers respond to Dana’s tip by opening up Vector Check It, an inventory and asset management app, to find out how many aerial lifts will need to be checked and updated. Vector Check It also allows the management team to:

  • To view a catalog of the company’s assets including vehicles, equipment, tools, and more.
  • Determine that the company has many more of these aerial lifts that, most likely, have the same issue - including aerial lifts that are located at their plants across the country.

The next step is to alert their plants quickly and with a targeted approach. Using real-time risk communication through the Vector LiveSafe platform allows the plant to:

  • Notify safety management at all other locations of the safety issue concerning aerial lifts.
  • Share insights and a plan of corrective action.
  • Empower safety managers to act quickly and efficiently, before an incident can occur.

Finally, once all safety concerns have been mitigated through strategic, real-time communication, Vector EHS Management allows safety and security managers at all plant locations to analyze their safety data and cross-reference it over training data to close any remaining gaps and prevent incidents. 

Creating A Safer, Smarter, Better World For Critical Workers and Organizations

Dana’s training empowered her to help keep her organization and fellow employees safe, thanks to the critical combination of solutions that ensured information was deployed when and where it was needed to prevent serious safety risks. In this case, everyone was properly alerted to a hazard, avoiding actual incidents, saving lives, injuries, cost, time, and, potentially, regulatory fines, too. We know that our partners and clients in critical industries never truly know what their next work day will bring. We’re ready to provide them with intelligent, proven solutions that are designed to increase their operational readiness, mitigate risk, and keep them safe. 

*Please note that the above aerial lift operator scenario is an example as some solutions may not yet be available for specific industries or organizations. You may contact your Vector Solutions representative should you have any questions about the above solutions.

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