Leverage Your Tech Stack During and After COVID-19


COVID-19 changed our world suddenly and drastically, leaving us with an uncertain future about what the workplace will look like in the weeks, months and years ahead. 

One thing we know for sure is that the pain points of today are different than those we’ll encounter in the coming months as we navigate through this “new normal.” 

While different tools and solutions can be helpful on their own, “stacking” (combining) complementary tech products creates a comprehensive platform to help your organization develop a resilient posture throughout this global crisis – and in its wake, too.

Secure the Right Tech Stack for Your Organization 

When it comes to determining an organization’s path during the pandemic or any other crisis, the main concerns revolve around how to maintain performance optimization. Even in the best of times, many of us employ a variety of tech solutions designed to optimize performance and efficiency. For example, you may have a best-in-class learning management solution (LMS) and an engaging, dynamic training program in place, but may need to develop a solution for staffing or facility maintenance. 

Securing the right tech stack is a game-changer for optimizing the performance of your entire organization. You want to be prepared to perform, take action and respond to any challenge that could arise, from an unexpected emergency to a simple legal or compliance change to a change in the market. The four key components to ensure your organization can flex to meet unforeseen challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic include: 

Here are ways Vector Solutions utilizes our tech solutions to strengthen each of these components and meet challenges.

Risk Management

Managing risk is not just about safety improvements that reduce risks and claims; they also capture and track information on accidents and incidents to help define future training and mitigation. Harnessing a risk management solution allows you to provide timely training and capture data that can (literally) be a lifesaver.

Keeping employees and clients safe is the number one priority during COVID-19 (or any crisis), and this doesn’t apply to just on-site safety and guidance on appropriate protective measures like PPE, but also to tracking and alerting team members in cases of exposure. Tools like the COVID-19 Exposure Credential help agencies oversee their personnel by tracking the ongoing status of each individual’s health, moments of exposure and testing. 

Once this crisis has subsided, will you be prepared for what comes next? It’s critical to look forward and consider how your organization can continue to reduce risk and prepare for the inevitable. Software solutions, such as Vector EHS Management, can help track incidents and inspections and analyze job safety to prevent future incidents. Other ways to accomplish this are to ensure you’re up-to-date on compliance by reviewing OSHA safety standards and your HR & Employment Practices.

Workforce Management

With many organizations reopening their doors and safely transitioning people back to work, there is a lot to consider both in the short and long term.

In addition to preparing your physical workplace for reentry and training employees to monitor for symptoms, new physical distancing guidelines will need to be put into place to comply with recommendations from health officials and local and state governments. How can you safely and efficiently schedule employees?

Using a workforce and resource management tool, like Vector Scheduling, allows for cloud-hosted scheduling to help schedule employees securely and allow for off-site employee access. Additionally, its flexible reporting identifies areas of concern and organizational needs as employees face new challenges and capacity requirements when returning to work.  

Learning & Training

A workforce that is trained is a workforce that is prepared, no matter what circumstances they may face. This includes providing relevant, up-to-date resources for your employees as they continue to navigate through the challenges brought about by COVID-19. Vector’s Coronavirus Resource Center offers complimentary training and resources specific to the needs of organizations, employers, and employees, including information about how to identify symptoms, how to properly use face coverings, and how to disinfect common space areas.

Despite the fact that some are returning to work, the reality is many employees and managers are still looking at weeks or months of remote work based on their geographical location or local mandates. Likewise, team members that transition back to an office environment will need to be trained on new protocols and policy changes. Harnessing the power of a learning suite that provides tools, training and resources is critical to helping your teams thrive, both remote and on-site. With Vector’s Learning Suite, managers can assign training courses and track and report on learning goals. 

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Operational Readiness

In today’s uncertain environment, organizations must continue to remain flexible and ready to change and adapt as new regulations, emergencies, market demands, and technologies become part of our “new normal.” And in a crisis like this, operational readiness is never more important. 

With many organizations looking to reduce costs, efficiency improvements such as reducing asset downtime and improving workflow processes, can save manpower, resources, money, and more. Vector’s Operational Readiness Suite offers solutions to ensure resources are in compliance and functioning properly, ready to use at any moment. A solution like Vector Check It™ makes it easy to inventory and inspect equipment using a streamlined, automated checklist approach.

We’re In This With You

We get what you’re going through, because we’re facing the same logistical challenges during this unprecedented crisis. As we navigate through how best to lead our organization through this ongoing crisis, we’re stacking our technology solutions to optimize our performance and efficiency and keep our team members and clients safe. By harnessing the power of combining well-designed tech solutions into a holistic platform, you can achieve a state of readiness that will allow you to operate in an agile and responsive way throughout this crisis – and the next.

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