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January 6, 2023 2 min read

Topeka Police Department Improves Training Accountability and Management with Vector LMS Training Management System


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“The accountability from top to bottom is my favorite piece of [Vector LMS] and I don’t see any drawbacks.”

Lieutenant Jennifer Cross

Training Director

The Challenge

Kansas requires all full-time law enforcement officers to complete 40 hours of in-service training on an annual basis. However, as a CALEA accredited police department, Topeka PD must meet a more rigorous standard of training than other departments in the state.

In the time before implementing Vector LMS, the department had utilized several different systems to track training, but these systems were no longer meeting their needs. In 2021, Lieutenant Jennifer Cross, Training Director, began managing training at the PD as well as their state-certified satellite training academy.

Online Training Demo

The Choice

According to Lt. Cross, it quickly became apparent that their process for tracking training needed an overhaul. When the department received a request for an officer’s training records, it took her two days to find the bare minimum that was requested.

“Everyone that has sat in my chair has had a different process for tracking training. I was looking for something that, no matter who is in this position, the process would be easier and consistent,” Lt. Cross said.

The Change

Through Vector LMS, Topeka PD has:

  • Reduced training-related liability with comprehensive and consistent record keeping.
  • Improved personal accountability for training throughout the department.
  • Simplified management of training at the department and their certified satellite training academy.

“[Vector LMS] breaks training down into smaller chunks, and we can hold people accountable for each piece of training. There’s just a lot more personal accountability now,” Lt. Cross said.

Dept. Profile

  • Vector LMS and Evaluations+, 2021
  • 298 sworn officers
  • 125,819 population
  • 61.47 mi² area

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