FEMA Grant Now Available; Learning Management System Classified as ‘High Priority’

The FY 2019 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) application period is open from Feb. 3 to March 13, 2020. This grant, offered by FEMA, provides funds to fire departments in need of training, equipment, protective gear, emergency vehicles, and other resources to serve the public.

Multiple changes have been made to the FY 2019 grant program to include micro grants, additional equipment, and more operations, safety, and regional considerations. With this, TargetSolutions qualifies as a "high priority" for this grant as it provides fire departments with a learning management system (LMS) to track training and certifications.

Learn more about the AFG process and specifications.

Critical Changes to the Grant Program

The FY 2019 grant program expanded what can be included in the AFG application. The four main categories that have been impacted are micro-grants, equipment, operations and safety, and regional and vehicle acquisition.

One change that impacts departments’ ability to apply their grant toward TargetSolutions is the new push for an LMS. Learning Management Systems for software and computer programs for tracking training and certifications were recategorized as a high priority. TargetSolutions’ online training management system can be covered by this grant.

Additional updates about the Grant Program were outlined here by the IAFF.

How to Apply for the AFG Program

Funding levels for the grant cover $345 million to support fire and EMS operations and safety grants, firefighting and emergency vehicle grants, and fire prevention and safety grants. For guidance on how to apply for your department’s AFG, check out the AFG guidance materials provided by FEMA.

Here, you can find more information about how to apply online, breaking news, and additional rules and tools for your application.

The ISO Training Tracker – Plus So Much More

TargetSolutions is a total training management solution for fire departments. With TargetSolutions, departments can deliver, track, and report all training activities – whether they be TargetSolutions’ online training for fire and EMS or your department’s drill-yard exercises.

Pre-built credentials help departments track task books and training hours for external agencies, including the Insurance Services Office (ISO). As a cloud-based software, firefighters can access their training and check their progress toward training requirements anytime, anywhere with TargetSolutions.

The platform features more than 1,000 online training courses and more than 500 hours for fire departments, including NFPA and CAPCE-approved EMS continuing education.

In addition to offering the leading LMS in the fire service, which serves thousands of agencies across the country, TargetSolutions provides functionalities for total operations management. Tools such as TargetSolutions Check It™ for apparatus inspections and TargetSolutions Scheduling™ for workforce management make TargetSolutions a true one-stop-shop. This all-in-one solution is your partner in training and so much more.

The AFG application deadline is March 13, 2020. Apply now!


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