Attendees Ask Questions, Receive Answers During Webinar on How to Track ISO Training Hours

The special webinar presentation provided an overview of the ISO’s fire department training requirements, best practices for tracking ISO training, and examples of other items that need to be tracked for compliance. Please click here to watch the webinar, which was presented in combination between TargetSolutions and the IAFC.

 data-lazy-src=TargetSolutions and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) recently teamed up to deliver a special webinar presentation, “How to Track Fire Department Training with a Purpose.”

Nearly 300 individuals registered for the webinar, which broke down how fire departments can effectively utilize technology to track training, specifically Insurance Services Office (ISO) requirements. Tim Riley, a retired chief and current Product Specialist for TargetSolutions, delivered the presentation.

While presenting an overview of TargetSolutions’ ISO tracking capabilities, Riley touched on key points, such as ISO’s general training requisites, how to meet those requisites, and perhaps most importantly, how to track training and compliance.

“(TargetSolutions) gives the individual a snapshot view, so they know exactly where they stand on meeting the ISO’s goals in a given year and what type training they lack. Now, you as a training officer can know the status of your people and what kind of training they need to meet the goals.”

Tim Riley, Product Specialist, TargetSolutions

In addition to ISO requirements, Riley also dived into the importance of adequately tracking OSHA training, Fire & EMS continuing education, career tracking, NIMS (National Incident Management System) training, and qualification training.

During the hour-long presentation, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions. Here is a collection of those questions:

Is electronic documentation all that is needed, or is there still a need for hard copies of records for ISO?
The electronic form has been accepted recently and that’s all that’s really needed. ISO, when it’s doing inspections now, sends you a form ahead of time. Most of the time when you get there you can have your reports run and printed out for the inspector.

Are chief officers required to maintain 192 hours for ISO?
If the chief officer is required to respond on a first alarm, such as the battalion chief or the district chief, yes. The fire chief, the deputy chief, those individuals who come out after the fact, they’re not required to meet the 192 because they’re not going to be in the hazard zone. That’s what you have to look at it. It’s who’s going to be in the hazard zone.

What is the definition of a “hazardous zone”?
My best definition is, are you going to be entering a structure that is on fire while the fire is still burning? The hazard has not been mitigated.

Are there any requirements for administrative staff who are firefighters?
If they are working online and they are responding to first alarms then they are required to meet the standards. The biggest question you have to ask yourself is “is this person going to be entering the hazard area?” If this person is going to enter the hazard area while the hazard exists then they have to meet the training requirements.

Does the ISO not accept EMS training?
Absolutely, that is correct. Even though it is 87 percent of the job, it’s not fire-related training and it’s not related to mitigation of the hazard.

Can a training facility also house a station crew or does it need to be a standalone?
The requirements do not say that it doesn’t have to be a standalone. It just has to be on two acres of property with a three-story tower and some kind of burn room or burn prop. It can include a fire station or it could be standalone.

Does ISO offer a handbook which details all these requirements, similar to an NFPA manual?
Yes, if you go to the ISO mitigation website you can print out the new schedule and all the training requirements appear on pages 37 and 38.

If you would like more information on TargetSolutions’ ISO tracking capabilities, please click here or contact us at (800) 840-8048.


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