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TargetSolutions’ First Responder Operations Level Refresher (Module 4) covers the use of hazardous materials during a terrorist attack.

TargetSolutions’ First Responder Operations Level Refresher training series provides valuable lessons for professionals who are regularly exposed to emergency environments.

The fourth module in the four-part series focuses on threats of terrorism and covers incident management, the perils of hazardous materials, and weapons of mass destruction. Module 4 consists of 11 lessons and a 10-question exam and has recently been updated with new content.

Here is a quick overview of the modules in this four-part series:

Module 1: Designed for personnel who respond to hazardous materials releases, this course discusses how to mitigate incidents in a defensive fashion.

Module 2: Covers the chemical and physical properties of materials, including their impact on storage and how to assess the risk to a responder for each hazard class.

Module 3: Explores the principles of site management, methods to establish and enforce control zones, tactics for emergency decontamination, and ways to conduct defensive operations.

Module 4: Provides an overview of a responder’s role in the response plan and how to identify an act of terrorism, which can be integral for navigating a safe and successful rescue.

“You can never be over-prepared for a situation like this. What separates this module from the other three is obviously terrorism. (First responders) will know how to handle the incident in a way that not only protects themselves and any of the innocent bystanders from potential exposure, but they’ll know they won’t be making a mistake that could make things worse rather than better.”

Jeremy Lynch, TargetSolutions’ Director of Content

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