Become a Subject Matter Expert and Help Create Training Content


Become a TargetSolutions Subject Matter Expert to contribute to TargetSolutions’ comprehensive online training course library with your knowledge and real-world experience.

Are you passionate about training? Share your professional knowledge and experience as a TargetSolutions Subject Matter Expert (SME) to help agencies across the country improve their training. As an SME, your expertise is crucial in developing practical training courses with real-world applications of hot-topic lessons.

Contribute to essential course topics that impact hundreds of thousands of agencies and help make sure individuals can successfully uphold standards, follow procedures and prioritize safety. Some of the previous courses written by subject matter experts include:

Learn more about TargetSolutions’ comprehensive online training catalog, how to become an SME, and the contributions you can make to the world of training and development:

About TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions, a Vector Solutions brand, delivers award-winning, real-time training and record-keeping solutions to the fire services, emergency medical services, risk pools, cities and municipalities, law enforcement and public works industries. With the mission to change the world through revolutionary technology solutions that save lives, inspire professionals and elevate performance; the input of SMEs for each industry is crucial.

TargetSolutions’ online course catalogs feature more than 4,000 titles with engaging training to help make organizations safer, more capable and more compliant to federal and local standards. In addition to dynamic training content, TargetSolutions also provides cutting-edge software applications, performance management solutions and tools for a customizable training experience.

How You Can Make a Difference as an SME

TargetSolutions is actively recruiting individuals with experience in the following industries: Fire Service, Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement, OSHA, HR, Water/Wastewater, and Education. In your role as an SME, you can help revise TargetSolutions courses and develop new training content for professionals in your field.

“Given the ability to be a part of TargetSolutions as a Subject Matter Expert proves how they value their customers and rely on relevant information and current best practices in their courses,” said Manhattan Fire Protection District’s Deputy Chief Steve Malone, who serves as a subject matter expert for TargetSolutions. “As an SME, I hear what the end users (firefighters, in my case) want and that’s having up-to-date courses that are focused specifically on our profession.”

While you do not need instructor experience to contribute to course material, SMEs should have enough knowledge to assist in shaping and improving TargetSolutions’ extensive course catalog. Together we can create a safer, more efficient workforce.

Why Becoming a Subject Matter Expert Would Work for You

Your position as an SME would be part-time that you can do from home at your own pace. You don’t need any previous experience developing online courses to get started and you will be compensated on a per-course basis.

To begin the process of becoming an SME, simply submit a resume and writing sample and a TargetSolutions representative will be in touch as your contributions are requested for a course.

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