How Interactive Training Programs Are Making Training and Performance Better


Innovations in technology are continually reshaping the landscape of organizations’ processes. Leveraging new technology can streamline daily tasks, simplify communication and improve performance via effective, immersive training. TargetSolutions strives to be at the forefront of innovations in training by incorporating augmented reality, 3D animation and virtual reality in its learning programs.

This push for more immersive training can be seen in TargetSolutions’ courses such as Smoke Reading in Virtual Reality and the all-new: TargetSolutions Driver Assessment and Training Program.

The TargetSolutions Driver Assessment and Training Program uses top-of-the line, 3D-animated training content from industry experts at Convergence Training, a Vector Solutions brand. With this assessment and training program, agencies can evaluate employee’s knowledge, improve skills and improve overall driver safety.

About the TargetSolutions’ 3D Animated Training for Driver Safety

TargetSolutions’ Driver Assessment and Training Program is a learning tool in TargetSolutions comprehensive online course library. This assessment and training bundle is easily assigned to personnel and helps ensure driver safety compliance with a comprehensive assessment and 12-course training program.

Using multiple viewpoints, individuals are tested on their reaction times and abilities to identify roadway hazards through an interactive assessment. Then, based on their assessment performance and multiple choice exam, drivers are assigned a 12-course interactive training program – with one course auto-assigned each month.

Benefits of an Interactive Training Program

An interactive training program, whether it be AR, VR or 3D animation, can improve decision-making, lower training costs and expose individuals to potentially dangerous environments in a controlled setting.

While hands-on training sessions are one-time, high-cost learning opportunities, simulated training programs can be repeated and accessed anytime, anywhere. Individuals can learn and relearn procedures and feel more confident performing them on the job.

With the TargetSolutions Driver Assessment and Training Program, individuals can place themselves in the driver’s seat in numerous scenarios. They can practice driving in low visibility conditions or reversing their vehicle in a crowded parking lot without real-life consequences.

In addition to lowering costs of hands-on sessions, 3D simulation training is easier to update as policies or trends change. If a new procedure is established, it is easier to distribute an online activity to a team than schedule in-person training across an entire organization.

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