Disaster Preparedness – Is Your Department Disaster Ready?


The Ultimate Technology for Operational Readiness

In the public safety industry, there’s no such thing as over-prepared. While it may not be possible to anticipate when disaster will strike, your department can ensure its personnel are ready when it does. With TargetSolutions’ suite of software for fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies, disaster preparedness is straightforward and effective.

TargetSolutions delivers applications organizations need to handle the unexpected. TargetSolutions’ centralized platform offers cutting-edge technology to track and deliver crucial training; coordinate schedules and perform emergency callbacks; and inspect vehicles, equipment and medical supplies.

Track Refresher Training

During an emergency response, the last thing you want on your employee’s minds is, “how do I do that procedure?” The TargetSolutions Training Management System makes it simple to deliver and document annual continuing education. Not only does refresher training keep your team’s skills sharp, but TargetSolutions tracks all training hours – reducing liability concerns for your agency.

Additionally, TargetSolutions’ File Center allows you to store and mass distribute the most up-to-date policies, SOPs or SOGs. Keeping files in a centralized online location makes sure first responders can access current information and follow protocol.

Deploy ‘Strike Teams’ and Reimburse Hours

When disaster strikes, departments often scramble to organize deployment teams, document additional hours worked and figure out coverage at home. TargetSolutions Scheduling™ simplifies the process for assembling ‘Strike Team’ units for special assignments or long-term deployments.

Whether a unit is out for two hours or two weeks, the strike team takes precedence over any other scheduling assignment during the deployment dates. This rule is automatically reflected in TargetSolutions Scheduling™ and helps administrators staff shifts that are short employees.

The system is also able to track hours worked during an incident. Project Codes for a specific state or federal project, such as disaster recovery, helps track employees’ time spent on the project and makes sure they’re reimbursed appropriately.

Ensure Vehicles, Equipment and Gear Are Ready for Use

Frequent and accurate department inspections let personnel rest assured they have the appropriate resources and everything is functioning properly. The TargetSolutions Check It™ mobile application streamlines routine checks for apparatus, equipment, gear, medical supplies, etc.

Inspection history and inventory levels are trackable, so agencies know when items were last checked, who performed the inspection and what actions were taken. Similar to recording employee hours during a national or state incident, equipment, and possible repairs, can also be tracked and submitted for potential reimbursement.

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