Interesting Breakthroughs in Concrete Technology


Concrete technology is constantly evolving, but many breakthroughs in this sector fly under the radar. Wondering what some recent innovations have been? Check out this list.

Rapid drying concrete
No matter how efficient and dedicated a construction team may be, projects must adhere to timelines that allow materials to set and concrete to dry. Of course, this process can take a lot longer than people want or expect, which can pose some problems. This was true in the case of Dallas, Texas’ Billy Earl Dade Middle School, a junior high that needed a 14-month construction job to be finished in 10 months so students could use the classrooms for the fall term. According to Building Design + Construction magazine, the construction team employed Aridus Rapid Drying Concrete, which offers builders fast-drying capabilities without sacrificing final quality. The source noted that floors were put in just 21 days after the concrete was poured.

In an effort to increase the insulative properties of concrete, some companies have started incorporating hemp into their formulas. According to Collective Evolution, it’s being used in walls, floors and roofs, and it’s water-, rot- and fire-proof as long as it’s employed above ground. To create this durable yet lightweight material, it’s combined with lime, which acts as a binder. The source noted that hempcrete uses far less lime than traditional concrete, so manufacturers can save money, time and resources when crafting this innovative substance. Because hempcrete uses far less energy than regular concrete, it’s also being touted as a more environmentally-friendly choice. concrete-CTA


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