Tips and Tricks for Managing ISO Training Records with TargetSolutions

Managing ISO Training Records with TargetSolutions

On October 22, TargetSolutions hosted a live webinar highlighting best practices for documenting ISO training records for fire chiefs and training officers.

During this webinar, Tim Riley, a TargetSolutions platform expert and fire service veteran, reviewed ISO requirements for fire departments, applicable points for an ISO rating and how to track valuable training hours with TargetSolutions’ ISO training tracker.

A recording of this webinar is available here.

ISO Fire Training Requirements

In this fire service webinar, ISO training hours were explained as all training in relation to structure fires. The different training hour requirements were broken down by company training, officer training, driver training, facility training and other “lost” or miscellaneous training. To help departments visualize these requirements, the various training types were described as “buckets” that need to be filled annually.

After covering the mandated training hours for ISO, the webinar also went over all other forms of training that do not count towards annual requirements. EMS training or actions tied to personnel “just doing their job” do not count as training while activities such as officer meetings, weekly apparatus checks and post-incident reviews on the fireground can count.

Tracking ISO Fire Training with TargetSolutions

Once the webinar explained ISO requirements, it demonstrated how to set up your TargetSolutions platform to document important training hours. With a few simple clicks, agencies can “tag” assignments and courses, include them in the ISO training credential and allow personnel to access and track appropriate training.

When setting up this credential, training can be customized to allow personnel to only take a specific course or activity once or allow them to repeat it for training credit. This is important when determining whether an online course can be taken multiple times or if personnel can record drills such as hoses or ventilation numerous times.

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