New Dementia, EMS Transport and Immunology Training Courses


TargetSolutions frequently adds and updates courses in its EMS training catalog. These courses address crucial topics for EMS personnel and use engaging eLearning formats to reinforce key knowledge and procedures.

All-new courses include Jurisprudence (Texas), Dementia: Overview, Assessment and Care, Safe Transport of the Pediatric Patient and Immunology. Additionally, several existing courses in the EMS course library were updated with refreshed content, new case studies, an onscreen instructor and other immersive learning assets.

New Training in TargetSolutions’ EMS Course Catalog

TargetSolutions works with subject matter experts to create valuable training for EMTs and paramedics. These new EMS training courses help professionals reinforce important lessons and can apply towards their continuing education hours.

Dementia: Overview, Assessment, and Care helps tackle one of the most difficult diagnoses for families and first responders. It addresses what it’s like to live with dementia, how first responders can approach a call related to dementia and how to respond to potential situations of elder abuse.

Jurisprudence (Texas) was a highly requested course for the state of Texas. Individuals who complete this course will review necessary training to renew their EMS license and can complete the jurisprudence exam through TargetSolutions.

Immunology primarily covers immune system issues and how to identify and effectively treat a patient with a disease or infection.

Safe Transport of the Pediatric Patient features practical and essential information for EMS personnel to transport pediatric patients safely in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Updated EMS Training Courses

Pediatric Assessment illustrates how to identify signs of distress in pediatric patients, how to determine if conditions are life threatening and how to build trust with young patients.

Narcotics Overdose for the Paramedic addresses the problem of narcotics in the U.S., the effects and usage of different drugs and the associated risks with narcotics for the user, those around them and the health care provider.

Cyanide Poisoning reviews the chemical cyanide, its uses, the effects and signs of it on the human body and how to treat cyanide exposure or poisoning.

Assessment, Treatment and Transport of Morbidly Obese Patients defines obesity and its health consequences. The course then describes strategies for the lifting, moving and extrication complications for patients who are obese or morbidly obese.

Geriatric Behavioral Emergencies provides insight into geriatric behavioral emergencies which are often dismissed as normal age-related changes in patients. It includes situations that may arise with geriatric patients to better prepare first responders to treat these patients accordingly.

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