Catalog Updates: New Office Productivity Training Added to Catalog


TargetSolutions’ training catalogs feature thousands of hours of continuing education training for the fire service, EMS, law enforcement, human resources, driver safety, AEC and more. The course library is frequently reviewed to identify opportunities for new training topics, make course updates and remove courses when necessary.

After a thorough evaluation of the training catalogs, 269 courses were identified for removal from the TargetSolutions course library – 137 of which are being replaced with newer content. Additionally, 27 new courses will be added to address important topics for office productivity and business effectiveness.

New Online Office Productivity Courses

These newly added training courses support professional development and workplace productivity. Course topics cover newer versions of highly used software in the Microsoft Office suite, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat DC. Completing this training will keep personnel up-to-date with these programs and reduce user errors.

Beyond software essentials, the training courses also include communication and other general skills needed for an employee to perform effectively.

Courses added to the Office Productivity and Business Skills catalogs include:

  • Adobe Acrobat DC Essentials
  • Basic Business Finance
  • Brain Bites – Email Management
  • Brain Bites – Organizing Your Files
  • Excel Basics for Mac
  • Excel for Project Management
  • Excel: Creating Dashboards
  • Excel: Introduction to PowerPivot
  • Excel: Power Functions
  • Get It Done: Managing Email
  • Get It Done: Sharing Calendars
  • Mastering Access 2016, Basics
  • Mastering Access 2016, Intermediate
  • Mastering Microsoft Teams (2019)
  • Microsoft Forms Essentials
  • Microsoft Teams Essentials
  • Power BI Essentials
  • SharePoint for Site Owners
  • Mastering Excel 2019 – Basics
  • OneNote for Windows 10 Essentials
  • Mastering Outlook 2019 – Basics
  • Mastering Outlook 2019 – Advanced
  • Mastering PowerPoint 2019 – Basics
  • Mastering Word 2019 – Basics
  • What’s New in Word 2019
  • What’s New in Excel 2019
  • What’s New in PowerPoint 2019

Courses Being Removed from the TargetSolutions Course Library

To ensure training remains valuable and to reduce redundancy in TargetSolutions’ catalogs, courses were reviewed for their content, accuracy, relevance and utilization.

Based on this criteria, 132 courses will be retired or “sunset” in July 2020 and 137 courses will be replaced with updated courses. In addition to consolidating TargetSolutions’ online course library, sunsetting courses allows efforts to be focused on updating more timely training topics.

This sunset will primarily affect the IT & Security, Office Productivity andPower & Utilities catalogs. Due to this, training progress for these lessons will be lost if not completed before July 16, 2020.

To review all courses that will be sunset or replaced in the summer of 2020, please click here.

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