Resiliency, Sustainability Intersecting in Response to Climate Change


Global climate change has been a game changer for architects, engineers and construction professionals. While they face a growing need to implement sustainable building strategies to help curb climate change, there’s an additional push for resilient design. For example, the White House national conference on resilient building codes emphasized a growing need to design and build structures so they can withstand the types and frequency of extreme weather events that result from climate change, according to a recent report from The Energy Collective.

Resiliency and sustainability aligning

The conference, which heavily featured the U.S. Green Building Council, emphasized that many structures feature vulnerabilities that could prove problematic as more intense storms become the norm. Furthermore, AEC professionals must identify potential weak points in their designs and adjust their plans accordingly. The news source explained that deepening sustainability efforts go hand-in-hand with improving resiliency to keep up with the challenges created by climate change.

According to the report, the discussions around creating more structurally sound buildings also included efforts to further the use of the International Green Construction Code (IgCC). The hope is that by promoting the IgCC Standard 189.1, AEC organizations will ramp up their compliance to best practices for resiliency and sustainability. Rick Fedrizzi, CEO and founding chair of the USGBC, told The Energy Collective that climate change is leading to considerable environmental volatility.

“While we can do our best to slow the increase in climate volatility, we also have to focus on the fact that our homes, buildings, campuses and communities must ultimately withstand the forces of nature,” said Fedrizzi. “A focus on resiliency is a necessary companion to sustainable thinking and strategies in real estate and urban development.”

Preparing for new building challenges

Dealing with these difficulties hinges on having a deep knowledge of the International Green Construction Code. The IgCC details many of the best practices and procedures that go into resilient, sustainable building design. In particular, it can help AEC professionals pinpoint the specific areas of structures that are vulnerable to extreme, volatile weather conditions. Continuing education and professional development can help AEC professionals stay on top of the various code updates and initiatives.

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